04 September 2013

A Mom's Life: 32/48

I can't think of a better introduction to this week's AML but this: she is my ultimate momspiration. I wanted to write about this after the first time I personally met her, which was at the Halo SleepSack Philippines' sparty, but I waited for this moment. I was starstruck. Hehe. This is cheesy, but true --- she helped me become the better woman that I am right now. When she went back to blogging blissfully (more stories and less commercialism), I felt like I got an ally in living a more purposeful life. I felt so much connection with each of her every post that I always find myself nodding at whatever she has written in Dainty Mom. Yes, my 32nd mom is no other than zee Martine de Luna.

After our first serendipitous meeting (I didn't know she'd be there!), it's coincidental that I decided it's finally time to have a blog make-over. And one of the first few things I must do is to find my blogging bliss. So I made kulit insinuated to my husband that I'd love to attend a writing workshop conducted by "Dainty Mom". That's how he knows her, even joking I'm Dainty Bebeng, 'cause he knows I'm such a fan. I'd tell you more about what I've learned from the workshop on a separate post. I'll be flooding this month with posts about everything I love and make me happy. For now, even if I'm a selfish and jealous cyber-friend, I'll still share her with you. Hihi.

NAME: Martine de Luna a.k.a The Dainty Mom

AGE: 34

CHILD, AGE: Vito Sebastian, 3 1/2 years old

OCCUPATION: Creative Web and Small Business Solutions Provider at Martinedeluna.com

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Jeans, flats, and comfy white polo/soft jersey top; my trusty cowhide bag; sunglasses; dangly earrings; watch and rinds.

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Mattefier!! I swear by Kiehl's Pore Refining line and Shiseido Mattefying Stick. I have combination skin kase.

HOBBIES: Blogging; Cooking; Reading

CURRENT READ/WATCH: The Tools by Phil Stuz and Barry Michels

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Re-arranging furniture and putting things back in their place!

GUILTY PLEASURE: Watching Glee and other highly-criticized sitcoms and series.

PET PEEVE: When people use the wrong grammar, like "stuffs" and "as per" and "luggages."

Queen B says: Howmaygawd. Where can I hide? I think I've used "as per" a lot of times. I used to work in a government agency and that we always use that in our reports. Well, thanks Martine for pointing that out. Haha!

2013 GOAL: To get pregnant with baby #2! (Help, Lord... St. Jude... amen!)

Queen B says: Oh, same here. I want my own Vito, too. Let's pray for that. I can't wait to see a little dainty girl. I'm sure she'll be in floral, pink and everything fresh; just like you do. #WeCanDoItReproductiveSystem

To be a God-fearing man who will be madly respectful about women, responsible about his dreams and goals, and honorable in his conduct. I would love for him to be the next Richard Branson or Steve Jobs! Haha!
"This year has been all about making purposeful choices and setting intentions, so that we are more alive and fulfilled as a family, as individuals. It's the year I truly started to create a life that I love, and I believe it started with a decision to live towards loving more: loving my family, loving my work, and blessing others." --- Martine 
Queen B says: Hey Marts, I don't know what to say anymore. Eto na lang: thank you for being a blessing.♡ 
Martine de Luna
Twitter: @Dainty_Mom
Instagram: @dainty_mom


  1. Huhuhuhuhuhuhu!!!!
    Thanks so much for this honor, Deeeee! I'm thrilled beyond words. (No, wait, that's a lie. I ALWAYS have words. Another figure of speech, perhaps). I'm so glad I met you, I feel like we are kindred spirits in many ways!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you have a splendid year, and amazing days to come. Tara, let's go out na with Louise, and Tina, and Ging, and have tea (with the pinky finger up, no less).

    1. Hahaha! What's with the huhuhu? :)
      Yes, I feel, too that we're soul sisters! I like most of the things you like. Yay! ♥

      Oo nga, let's have a queens' day out. ♔

  2. I love this feature Denise! I love Martine din! Aww I think we really need to go out already! Please please please.. I need women like you and Martine, Tina and Ging! Let's set it na! I'm so energized na naman to write.. I've been (blog)soul searching lately. I need to attend Martine's workshop, this time at all costs. I will just bring my gig dress to the workshop. :) Good morning! :)

    1. Yes Louise, "Your Blog, Your Bliss" would really help you a lot in writing more creative blog posts. Tara, let's set it na. Ikaw itong mas busy kaya dapat sa free time mo. Let's ask the rest of the ladies. ♥

  3. Wow! THE Dainty Mom!1st blog I followed. Naloka ako sa 'as per'. Mali pala uun. Haha

    1. Kaya ng! I used to use that ha. As in like last month lang, nagamit ko yun. Dyahe! ;)

  4. She exudes so much positive energy, kahit sa picture ko lang sya nakikita, felt na felt ko ang happy aura around her. :)