11 September 2013

A Mom's Life: 33/48

My heart swells everytime I think that I'm blessed to have been given such an opportunity to feature fab, real moms. Moms that we all could relate to one way or another. Moms who share the same passion in child-rearing and happy parenting; but honestly admit that she can never be perfect. For this week's AML, one look at her Facebook or Instagram account and you will conclude that she's perfect: she's beautiful, married to an equally beautiful man, has a beautiful baby boy, frequently travels to beautiful countries and is living a beautiful life abroad. No. She actually told me during our interview that she sometimes complains on how tough motherhood is; staying up late or no sleep at all. But she doesn't care, all she ever wanted was to be where and what she is right now as a woman, wife and mom.

I knew my 33rd AML when I was still working at the TV network. We instantly clicked because we're both kikay, maingay and madaldal. Haha! Wrong --- she was maingay and I was madaldal. But yes, we're both maarte kikay. We also got to share the same room when we leased out a bed space near our office. When I left the network in 2007, we didn't get to communicate anymore. I just knew through Facebook that she moved to Dubai where her then boyfriend works. 

Then boyfriend is now her husband, cousin of Marikina City Mayor Del de Guzman, who attended their wedding two years ago. So if you live in Marikina and has a problem with the city, we can tell them. Chos. Noemie Mendoza-Cruz, aka Mimi, is married to the late Mara Clara creator/director Emil Cruz's son, Eris. Remember Christopher Roxas' character's name? Yes, it's after my 33rd AML's husband. But this is not about the who's who she got to meet along the way to the success and bliss she worked hard for. She is now in the phase of her life that she feels that having another boy to love completes her. When I read her answers to my AML "slum book", I realized that a lot has changed about her but one thing has still remained --- she is beautiful.

NAME: Noemie Mendoza-Cruz

AGE: 29 

CHILD, AGE: 3 months 

OCCUPATION: Media Coordinator at Orbit Showtime

FAVORITE OUTFIT: For a quick fix, I'd love to have a little black dress + pumps + chunky accessories. Jeans makes me feel uncomfortable. 

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Because I have pale complexion, I glow instantly with Benefit's Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain. I cant live without it!

HOBBIES: Cooking, photo/video editing, online shopping and... I must say, staring at my son.

CURRENT READ/WATCH: I read baby apps on my cellphone like Sprout, Baby Center, Parenting, Babymate. I can't find time to watch any TV series anymore since I gave birth.

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Cooking, grocery-shopping (in the mall so I can go shopping for myself, too!)

GUILTY PLEASURE: Collecting handbags.. Grrr. I really hate myself. I know I don't need a lot but I can't resist. I'm a bag addict. :(

Queen B says: Hahaha! At least you have money to spend for your addiction. Paano ba rehabilitation sa ganyan? Or to lessen the guilt, you could send it to me. Hihi. ;)

PET PEEVE: I hate jejemon texters; like using "q" instead of "ko". Hilong-hilo ako.

Queen B says: B@k!t naman powz kaU ineez sa j3j3m0n nah k@2lad q? J3j3j3. *stops breathing* LOL. Does this photo make us look jejemons or what? ;)

TBT. Zambales, 2006
Queen B says: That's B, Mimi and me in the company outing of the TV network. We were young and wild  and free then. Chos. Haha! Now, we're all moms. B has a 5-year-old daughter, too. I think motherhood tamed us. ;)

Dream for Miggy:
I want the best for him in everything: education, job, family. 
But most of all, I want him to be a God-fearing man.

Queen B says: I'm sure that she'll be the stylist kind of mommy if what she has is a baby girl, but there's no denying that it's still fun to dress up her little handsome man. Only few months old and already wearing a tie! Haha! Adorbs. Move over, Alonso Mateo. Mimi, do you follow na ba his mom @luisafere on Instagram? Keri mo yun for Miggy!  ;)

Cruisin' Cruzes
Queen B says: Mimita, I'm happy you have reached your goals and dreams and aspirations. Mommyhood makes you even more beautiful. Thank you for gracing my blog. See you when you come home. Mwah! 

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