24 September 2013

Review: Casa de Lorenzo Castile Soaps

All work and no bath makes Queen B a stinky mom. Haha! One of my favorite relaxations is to take long showers. I usually do this when the little girl is already asleep; because if she's not, I'm very sure a 5-minute bath is long enough. So yes, I make sure she has this baby snores already before I could really take my time. Don't you just love scrubbing your body with loofah after what --- cleaning, dusting and just polluting yourself the whole day?

I was lucky to receive these liquid castile soaps from Casa de LorenzoCastile soap is a fine, hard, white or mottled soap made with olive oil and sodium hydroxide. I first tried the lavender variant and true to its promise of making you feel relaxed just by its scent, I felt like I was in a spa after taking shower. It didn't lather much compared to other products I have used before but that's okay. It did help my skin feel moisturized because it contains pure olive oil. When I already tried the peppermint and calamansi variants, I thought of giving it to MIL and my mom. I kept the lavender since it's my favorite! ;) 

MIL said that she really felt the cooling sensation in the peppermint castile soap I gave her. She actually insinuated that it's almost done. Well, I guess I know what to give her for Christmas. Hehe. As for my mom who tried the calamansi castile soap, she said that she liked how she smelled clean and fresh after using it. 

If you are into anything natural, then you might want to try this product. Each bottle costs Php350 only. 

Casa de Lorenzo Oils, Aromatics and Soaps
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