19 September 2013

A Mom's Life: 34/48

Whenever I see some mommy friends being able to buy whatever they want using their hard-earned money, there goes the feeling of going back to "work". Yes, there were times I wish I could go out of the house and shake away the vibes of being a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). Being a SAHM's not easy. Others think, especially oldschool peeps, that we are forever loshang and kawawa having to take care of the kids and the house chores. Uhm, excuuuuuse me? Do I look loshang na ba to you? Haha! Actually, this week's AML can also prove to you that SAHMs can still be as fab as any earning momma --- all it takes is a spoiler husband. ;)

I asked my fellow Army and Mandala wife, Ann Therese Samonte aka Tenny, if she considers herself as a spoiled wife. This was what she told me (edited for brevity and clarity): 
"Honestly, yes. I'm a spoiled wife. It's a blessing that I have Ryan kasi good provider naman siya. He spoils me during his days off. We often go on dates and because he knows I'm crazy for frappe, he makes sure laging may laman ang Starbucks card. Nagugulat na lang ako nadagdagan na. Hehe. Things like those..." 
If you are friends of the couple or at least in Facebook, you know it's more than just the frappe. Sometimes, when I see her posts, it make me think that we are actually lucky to have our Army kind of men. I may not go out with Rhambo as often as they do, but all these blogging hullabaloos are because of him spoiling me to do what I want to do. But heyyyy, it's not all rainbows and flowers and butterflies. Before Tenny got this very rare opportunity to spend a lot of time with Ryan now, the husband was deployed in Basilan. 'Nuff said.

NAME: Ann Therese D. Samonte

AGE: 31 

CHILDREN, AGE: Rianne, 4 1/2; Timmy, 1 

OCCUPATION: Not-so-plain housewife 

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Shirt, skinny jeans/ shorts , flats, watch, and my pink bag 

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Olay Total Effects with touch of foundation (I never put make up on without this); I never leave the house without lipstick - Lancome (Backstage Beauty); lipgloss (Bath & Body Mentha Lip Shine 

HOBBIES: Baking and my new found hobby - making hair accessories 

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Korean dramas --- The Fugitive Plan B (sorry, I'm addicted to Koreanovelas haha)

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Cooking & taking care of the kids.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Mocha frappe! Can't get enough of it and going to the mall especially if I'm stressed out haha 

PET PEEVE: People who are really insensitive. People who would sneeze without covering their mouth and those people who would touch my kids especially on their faces without washing their hands (hehe I'm a total control freak!) 

2013 GOAL: To enroll in a culinary class so I can finally start my business. 

To be God-fearing, wise and independent kids. 
I also pray that they would grow up to be 
respectful to the people around them. 
The Happy Mom at Home. 

"When I got pregnant with Rianne and until she was  one year old and 6 months, I was a housewife already; but with my in-laws. Then I found a job, which I really loved. Since then, I told myself, I'm not going to stay at home ever again. Well, because I get to meet lots of people and a lot of different environment; and I can wear pretty clothes and high heels. Hahaha! Then, last December 2012, Ryan told me that we had to move to a new house --- our own house. It was really unexpected. Ryan told me that I had to resign to take care of the kids. It was really hard at first but I had to, for the sake of my family. And so, here I am. Kinain ko sinabi ko na never ever na ako magiging housewife. Hehe. But this time, I'm loving it more."

Queen B says: Being married to an Army guy isn't easy, especially if he is a gwapong Army guy (ehem Ryan and Rhambo, joke yun). Charot. Magpalakas tayo para mas maraming frappe. Hahaha! But yes, we're a special kind of breed, Tenny. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life by gracing my blog. Cheers to you, my fellow queen! 

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  1. It's an honor to be featured here. Thanks a lot, fellow spoiled army wife <3