03 September 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Sinister Sisters

OK, my sister N is not a Rayala, so technically she shouldn't be in this segment. But she's a part of our small family that there are times Rhambo and I talk about her. Haha! Why? Because she is such a senior citizen commenter on Facebook! LOL. Alam mo yun, yung wala sa hulog. Minsan pa, flooding. Kakaloka. Here's a sample, when I posted a photo of the buko pie and espasol that our mama gave yesterday ---

I didn't reply anymore 'cause I'll be hospitalized na for sure if I did. But well, to be fair naman since she's older than me eh may times okay naman siya mag-comment like this, when I posted a photo of my 200-peso walis tambo ---

Oops, sorry if may natamaan sa "I flaunt my extravagant lifestyle on Facebook" ha. I'm sarcastic like that. Hihi. Seriously, I may hate her for making gaya sa akin for collecting pink stuff and even Hello Kitty (the absolute colossal nerve!) but I hope she knows that I love her. Naks. I will always be here for her hanggang sa lamunin na ng taba yung katawan niya. Bwahahaha! I'm happy that even if I don't get to see my friends that often eh I have a sister that I can make chika with. Annoying nga lang talaga siya. 

Pasalamat ka naman sa akin, pinakinis kita dito oh. Hehe. ;)
How 'bout you, are you like this with your sibs?


  1. answeet! nde masyado halata na magkapatid kayo sa pityer.. hehe!

  2. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you, Mommy Denise! God bless you more and especially good health for you and your family! Where's the party? Ahihihi. Enjoy your day po! :)

  3. Ang kulit ng sister mo teh!At in fair sa "I flaunt my extravagant lifestyle on Facebook"Trulalu itey.. tsk.tsk. kulang na lang buong bahay ipakita, open to magnanakaw eyes. harhar

    1. Haha! Super kulit, malapit ko ng bilhan ng Dr. P adult diapers. ;)