25 September 2013

A Mom's Life: 35/48

When I became a mom (luckily to a girl!), I was the most excited to dress her up and buy her clothes, shoes and hair accessories. Too excited actually that I almost forgot myself. While my little budding fashionista has lots of clothes, there's my closet looking like that of a candidate soldier's: neat and only with a few basics. OK, my husband will surely disagree. I have enough, but for a woman's standard, it's nothing but a pitiful sight. Hehe. 

I was really excited to do this AML post for this week! I think I was one of the many people in her cyber community who was pushing her to start a fashion blog. The blogosphere needs another fab momma who knows her style. I hope she could squeeze in a little blogging into her already busy schedule. So muthers, get to know a bit more about the fashionable accountant from Australia, Florabelle Fallorina-Santiago.

NAME: Florabelle Fallorina Santiago

AGE: 29

CHILDREN, AGES: Riean Elijah, 11; Nathan Rieley, 5

OCCUPATION: Accountant, Mum, Wife and Part Time Stylist

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Currently monochrome look, but my favorite can change a lot. My outfit is not complete though without my heels on.

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Lipsticks, I just literally started wearing them last year! I used to wear lip glosses only, but when I learned wearing lipstick I can't leave the house anymore without putting colour on my lips.

HOBBIES: Collecting?? (Queen B says: see her guilty pleasure)

CURRENT READ/WATCH: I am currently studying Practice Management (Post CPA) so that is my current read! My husband loves watching movies, so we always have movie marathons at home.

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Again the past 12 months is a good representation of increase in my "learning curve". My husband is the cook in the family. In the past, I can only cook fried food and steamed rice and that's it! But lately I've been enjoying following recipes from cookbooks and the web. But I only try the easy ones such as stir fry and casseroles.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Shall I call it hoarding? I love collecting stuff, thank God they don't happen at the same time. I call my hoarding seasonal, i.e. one season I collect perfumes, next season I collect shoes. But now that we've just entered into a hefty mortgage contract, I am trying to control myself. I am proud that I've been successful for a month now. (no purchases for myself).

PET PEEVE: They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. I do get flattered when someone asks for my opinion and then follows it. But it is a different story when someone tries to copy what I do or what I buy or overhead what I would like to do/buy and then do it ahead of me (nasa wishlist ko pa lang, at sinabi ko lang sayo binili mo na), and then pretend that the idea didn't come from me at all. Shallow much? Well, that's why it is called pet peeve!

2013 GOAL: Most of my goals are long term ones such as setting up a business. My short term goal for 2013 will be to lose all the weight I gained just this last winter season! And no, I haven't lost any kilo so far!

It is always in my prayers that
they BOTH grow successful in their lives, families and careers. 
No one is better or worse off.
"When I got pregnant with my eldest, I tried to hide it because I was very young back then. I was so concerned what other people will think of me. I was inside our home majority of the 9 months that I was carrying Riean in my womb. When I gave birth to him, after just 6 months, I went back to college to finish my studies. It is my way of rebuilding my mom's and sister's "broken" dreams for me. I have completed my degree with majority of my classmates not knowing I have a son. I even introduced him to some as my nephew. As I look back to those years, I felt a pang of guilt why I ever did those things. I guess we live in a society where we secretly give value to other's opinion of our image and meet their expectations. But now, I know better. Whenever I see my children laughing or even just smiling, nothing in this world matters anymore. I may "hoard" so many stuff but nothing will ever give me satisfaction. Only my family and most of all, our High God can complete me."

Queen B Says: I really like your mom's the word, Belle. Thank you for being one of my AML moms! I hope you would start your own fashion/lifestyle blog. In case you need a professional blog coach to assist you, go to martinedeluna.com and she can help you build your brand and find your bliss in blogging. Cheers to you, fabulous! ♥

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