07 September 2013

September 4th Photos

1. Birthday breakfast: pink pancakes, chilled avocado and coffee; 2. King Sue Ham bacon in my pink pancakes; 3. Surprise! 4. Kikay phone case and makatang greeting card from my mamang kawal; 5. MIL visited with classic square cake from Red Ribbon and Dolores pansit Malabon; 6. Love you, too Mama Amor; 7. Paper cup and plate from Kidzco; 8. My not-so little rockstar bro visited, too; 9. Gifts galore from ekoy.was.here.shirts (which I'd give to Rhambo), Chocnut from little bro, matchy-matchy dresses for me and LB from Au Pair Addizionne and fab bag from Bagfull. (photos taken using my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini)

I had a happy birthday! I'm so blessed. ♥


  1. Belated happy birthday, Denise :) It sure was fun! and the gift from your hubby is so cute ;)

    1. Naku Joy, I removed the lacey thing na kasi masyadong nakaka-teenager. Thank you! ♥

  2. Belated Happy Birthday! LB is so pretty! =)