02 September 2016

Look what I got from her ear!

Sophia had cough and colds since last week. I've been giving her the appropriate medications; making sure she's well-rested and all. She's still in her usual chatty self even as of this writing so what could possibly go wrong? Why did we have to go to the hospital yesterday?

It was Tuesday evening, right after we prayed, Sophia suddenly kicked and screamed and cried. Her right ear was hurting, she said. I used my flashlight and checked. When I saw a red dot somewhere down the canal of her ear, I heard my own heart pounding. Nakaka-panic! Thank God He gave me wisdom that night to put some oil to soak whatever was there for a few minutes. Then when the pain subsided after she took a teaspoon of paracetamol, there's this gross goo that peered from her ear. I pulled it out with tweezers.


She still went to school the next day; she told me she went to the clinic when she felt some blood dripping from the inside. The day after, which was yesterday, there was blood on her pillow. Really? Unlimited supply? She didn't go to school, we went to the doctor.

So what did he say?

  • Thou shall not blow thy nose when thy have colds, kids and adults alike. It can rupture thy eardrum. If you still feel like doing it, make sure your mouth's open.
  • Thou shall not clean thy ears using a cotton bud. In fact, according to him (a professor at UERMMC, by the way ), cleaning one's ear isn't in their book. If you must, you can do so at the outer area only, never the canal. 
  • Ear candling is not safe. 

Dr. Kenneth Zuraek Calavera prescribed Otic drops, antibiotic and saline spray. We'll go back after one week for his assessment. I hope her eardrum will just be fine, will go back to normal. It ruptured really bad, the doctor said. Thinking about it just made me realize how selfish the cotton swab companies are. Why didn't they tell the people to just clean the lobes and never the canal? There's even a tiny spoon invented for scooping out the wax - the wrongest of the wrongs, as a matter of fact.

Well, we now know the danger of blowing noses and cleaning the ears too much. Help me spread the word and we might save a life from absolute silence.


  1. Ohhhh my :( I hope Sophia will be okay at sana walang masamang effect ung nangyari ngayon sa ear nya.. I will kee these things in mind...

  2. Goshh 😲 nakakatakot pala .. tnx mammy bute nalaman koto para maiwasan na ng mga anak ko and bute nalang ok naman na c sophia ngaun tnxx god🙏🙏