01 September 2016

32 Things / 11

32 Things is a series of fun facts about me 
as I look forward to celebrating my 32nd birthday on September. 


In fact, even if it's just a viral inspirational video, I let tears freely flow regardless if Sophia or R or other people will see me. I think that completes my being an all-out human. By that, I mean, I embrace whatever emotions I will be having for a certain situation. Say, today is September 1st and I don't think I can finish this series before Sunday. What should I feel? What should I do? Oh well. I have the whole month to blog bout these, right? After all, I don't think someone reads this anyway. If you do, please leave a comment! ♥ 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash


  1. Present! Hi, Denise. I'm reading it. And nakaka-relate ako, I'm a crybaby as well. I cried even on simplest things na minsan nakakainis na kasi ang OA, but what can I do, i'm really too emotional. Happy Birthday to you! Godbless.:)

    1. Thank you, Vernadette! Cheers to us crybabies, haha. :)