15 September 2016

12 Photos That Prove Kids Have A Mysterious Relationship With Stairs

Sophia with cousins Gabby and Garret in 2014.
Sophia was four when we moved out of my husband's parental house to finally live on our own. The house we rented was a 2-storey apartment. So obviously, it has stairs. I didn't know why but my little girl shrieked in delight when she saw it. Since we moved in then, she spent most of her time at home in the stairs. When I posted one photo from those many moments on my Facebook page three years ago, I was amused that other moms also have photos of their kids in the stairs! 

Does anybody know why?

I tried Googling for whatever "study" behind it (haha, such a millennial mama that I am, I know) but to no avail. Well, who needs answers to it, anyway? As long as the kids are healthy and alive, it doesn't matter if they choose stairs over comfortable couches and beds. I got here 11 more photos that prove they, indeed, have a crazy mysterious relationship with them stairs. 

1. Oh, yes. Working it as usual.

2. Gotta bring the purple bear friend, too of course. Gotta have some company. 

3. Three's never a crowd. Sharing is caring.

4. Of course, we can drink here. Right, mum?

5. Why are you staring? This spot is mine.

6. I wuv the stairs as much as I wuv my brother.

7. Coffee shops are so yesterday. This is where modern girls hang out, you know.

8. I'm innocent. Please stop asking me why I love sitting here.

9. I'm okay here, mum.

10. I need no permission from anyone. I can even rest here if I want to.

11. Next to Disneyland, I think this is the world's most famous tourist spot!

Thank you to all the moms who sent their babies' photos and allowed me to post it here! You rock on.


  1. Thank you for including my super kulit son ;-)