23 November 2012

Review: Beauty Soaps by Droplets of Nature

If we are going to ask 100 Filipino women on their definition of beauty, more or less, we'll get 20 different answers with the same thought. And one of it is being fair-skinned. Another could be being young. In the advent of technology, along with the instant existence of multifaceted gadgets, humans never got tired of discovering new things to improve one's life. Though old folks feel that these technology trends had somehow ruin the true essence of an industry, we can't avoid but to be amazed at how we could benefit from using it. 

Taken for example are Methatione capsules that could whiten skin for 4 capsules a day. A lot of Filipino people had tried taking it, since most of us are born with beautiful sunshiny skin, and they weren't contented with it, because they think that to be beautiful is to be as white as Kristine Hermosa. Some of them had settled for a monthly beauty inject. Others through a slow but safe process by using whitening soaps. Anything just to get fair skin. 

One of the fast-rising beauty soaps in the market today is from Droplets of Nature. Right now, they have Beauty & Bright Skin Lightening Body Soap and Anti-Aging Serum Bar and Beauty & Bright Facial & Body Lightening Moringa Soap. 

Beauty & Bright Skin Lightening Body Soap and Anti-Aging Serum Bar is made from acai berry and moringa extracts. It is the first wash-off serum bar in the market. It is all-natural so it has natural occurring color. It effectively lightens and moisturizes one's skin. It is loaded with moringa, acai berry, kojic acid, papaya, lemon extracts and lactic acid.
Beauty & Bright Facial & Body Lightening Moringa Soap has seven (7) Skin Lightening & Beautifying Extracts: Moringa (Malunggay), Papaya, Kojic Acid, Camellia Japonica, Candeia Tree Oil, Oxali Triangularis Oil & Plant-based Lactic Acid. The combination of our three potent extracts Moringa/Malunggay and the Three (3) Power Oils (Camellia, Candeia, Oxalis Triangularis)makes our soap more effective. The 3 Power Oils have been clinically proven more effective than Arbutin in skin lightening. 
I haven't personally tried using the soaps as I am currently using another brand, but to be able to see its results, I asked my mom and Ate Maritess to use the Anti-Aging Serum Bar & Lightening Moringa Soap, respectively. According to my fault-finder mom (I love you, Ma!), she hasn't really seen obvious changes from the time she used the soap until the time I asked her about it. I am not sure about my mom as she really is just like that, so maybe the next time I will ask someone to use a product sample, it's not her. Haha! However, it's a different case for Ate Maritess. She confessed that she has tried using other brands' organic whitening soaps but this one from Droplets of Nature is the most effective. She said, "hindi po ako nagda-dry hindi katulad ng _ i_k_." So I promised her that I'll give her the other bar as I have received two of that variant. She was really shy when she knew that its worth Php114. But then she paused and said "ay sulit na din po pala ma'am, kasi matagal matunaw." And I agreed, and told her that it really gave her that pink blush as if she's really mestiza. 

Okay, these products might not work for everybody as we have different skin types; like my mom who told me it didn't really work for her. But the good news is, since it's made of organic ingredients, it won't harm your skin like that of those commercial brands that peel your skin. Eww. 

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{This review is to offer my reading audience an objective opinion that could eventually help them gain an informed decision before the actual purchase. I’m not in any way related to the company. Please see my Disclosure Policy for details regarding compensation.}

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