29 November 2012

Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2012: The Aftermath

I first knew about Mommy Mundo (MM) late last year. I immediately applied for the Privilege Passport when I saw it on their website. But busyness, lack of chance and laziness happened that I didn't get to pay for it, which resulted to prolonging the processing to start. Procrastination, I knooow. Don't judge! But when I have already embraced my SAHM life, I made sure I'll be a part of at least any of the many MM events they hold every year.

Ta-daah! My first is the Mommy Mundo Bazaar 2012, which was held at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City on November 24-25. Together with my Mommy Best Friend (MBF) Mommy Evie (ME), we got high over freebies, Priscilla Meirelles-Estrada, new finds, and of course, the most wanted MOM 24/7 PLANNER! Cheers! :)

I don't claim myself as a fashionista mom but here's my OOTD for the Mommy Mundo Bazaar. I know, it looks so mommy-ish. LB has more clothes than me, by the way. But super thank you to Honey Reyes of Bagfull for my Giselle bag that gave extra oomph to it. Hihi. And, just a mental note, I think I need to train my OOTD photographer --- Ate Maritess. I look so short here. And that fatty hip there, sheesh.

I didn't bring LB along with me so I asked Ate Maritess to play with her while I'm away. Some of our things, such as LB's carpet-style puzzle mats, are already at the new apartment; hence, their use of the banig. She gave me a sad face when she realized she's not going out when I was dressing up. To make her feel a bit better, I told her I'd give her pasalubong so she has to wait for me. Her face lit up. So I really did. I gave her Smidgets from Mister Donut. Mommas, when you promise something to your kid, make sure you will do it! :)

I met with ME and her hubby, Brian of ayokongbaboy.blogspot.com, somewhere before going to Rockwell. Obviously, Daddy Brian's automatically the designated lens man. He takes good pictures! Visit his blog, or tell your bro or husband to. It's full of "man" stuff for "wholesome" mommas like us. Char.

This was one of the first few photos that I took at the bazaar, just before we enter. As soon as we got inside, I totally forgot about my camera. I was going ooh & ahh at all the pretty thingamajigs. I forgot to have some photo op with Celestina & Co.'s mommy-in-chief, Ms. Ethel Cuerpo-Bernales. I bought a pretty red hair clip for LB there, said hi to cutie Celeste but forgot my blogging duties. Also, I stared for like 3 minutes at the beautiful Priscilla Mereilles-Estrada when she visited a booth behind us. Super na-shy ako magpapicture. Hihi.

This is ME's tisay back at the registration area. Haha! So happy being here because I know that my Mom 24/7 Planner was waiting for me, and a bag of goodies, too! I got a couple of magazines like Travel PlusZen Health and DiabetEASE. Inside the green cloth bag from Mommy Mundo are Anmum Materna (that I gave to ME, which she would give to her SIL), a big bottle of Cradle Nipple & Bottle Cleanser (I gave it to ME because she needs it for baby Raine's bottles), Mommy Pages and Baby on Board newspaper.

Grabbed from Mommy Mundo's Facebook fan page.

I also met Creative Juice's Events Associate, Ms. Czarina Ano, who gave me a quick tour and told us to proceed to the photo booth! Yay to my oily face. Why do I have to sweat above my lips? :p

We went around the area near the entrance and saw this flip flop design by a young girl for the Operation Smile: Havaianas Design a Smile 2. I also asked the Citi Bank people about how to apply for a credit card. I really wanted to get me one. I don't have a credit card, fyi! Upon knowing what the rewuirements are, I denied myself from applying. Hehe. 

Like what I have said, I forgot about my camera when we were inside the "war zone". ;) So I only had this when we were about to go home. They have a designated area for BF-ing mommas near the door to the exit. 

ME told me to take a photo of the PLDT booth, not only to mention that the bazaar is a free wi-fi spot, but because she works at Smart Communications, Inc. Ohkaaaay. ;p

After a really orgasmic (sorry for the term, but it was!) Hungarian sausage sandwich with chili con carne, we rolled home --- took a cab, the MRT, FX, trike --- and was welcomed by a sweaty little girl wearing her pink dress. ME is LB's ninang so she gave her Christmas gift in advance. A Barbie bag, headband and accessories. An addition to her super arte things.

I was so happy with how I spent my Sunday afternoon with my MBF and these freebies. And guess what, I won in the raffle! :)

The prize was a fabric covered magnet board worth Php399 from Sitting Pretty! Daddy Brian already bought alphabet wooden stamps for baby Raine, even before my name was called. So I was so excited to go back to their booth and receive my gift, which was lovingly wrapped in a brown organic paper with pink washi tape. My magnet board's print is just so swak for my other things! Sitting Pretty magnet board is ♥.

I'm just so happy that the gift I received is perfect for my new home! A stylish way to remind me of my bills and what-nots. Visit their website HERE for crafty ideas on home design, scrap booking and anything artsy (not fartsy!). Like them on Facebook HERE, follow them on IG & Twitter: @sittingprettyph. For more inquiries, send it to sittingprettyph@yahoo.com. :)

Truly, a Mommy Mundo event such as this will always be a sure success. And it was. As what my MBF and I promised each other, till next year! :)

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