26 November 2012

What Hat Should I Wear Next?

Well, aside from wearing hats of being a wife, mom and blogger, I am at an urge to wear another one. No, I don't want to feel like I'm Wonder Woman (single pa siya and wala naman atang anak) and all, but I want moooore. A new hobby? For extra income? Self-worth? To secure my daughter's future? I'm still deeply thinking about it.

Photo courtesy of Pink Hat Sport

I was with my mommy bestfriend, ME, at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar earlier and while looking at all the booths, we noticed that most of the bazaaristas are pretty. So I was like "nakikita mo na ba tayo diyan, Bez?" And we giggled. We had this daydream one time we were texting (or was it FB chat?) that it's should've been a lot better if we live next door. Or at least live in the same city. We could've open our own business. She could've quit her job in Smart Communications, Inc. to focus on her baby Raine (who will be turning one on January 2013!) and just be a full-time mom like me. But things aren't as simple as that. She lives in Laguna and I'm from Marikina. That's one BIG challenge. But I won't take that as a hindrance. I pinned a note on my mental cork board that I have to schedule a sit-down meeting with her to talk about this vision. We got to brainstorm. 

Well, this meeting of some sort doesn't necessarily mean that it's a hundred percent concrete plan. I'm sure there'll be few bumps on the road, and I bet our friendship would be tested, but I'm very positive about it. So, is a mompreneur hat really the next that I'll be wearing? Oh, let's all pray for that! How about you, what hat do you want to wear next? :)


  1. It's a very good idea! As i always hear from other people, Nobody gets rich or even gets satisfied in the salary of a typical employee. So putting a business is the best suggestion.(Even artista invest on a business diba?) It may not be easy at first, but i know that your dedication will pull it off! hehe. Good luck po sa inyo!

  2. Hi! I thought you were referring to a real "hat" I am hoping to get entrepreneurial too. I hope you and your friend will eventually come up with a business you can both enjoy.

    1. Hello Reena! Yes, pun attended. :)
      I really hope we could deeply talk about it.
      The bestfriend & I are very serious about it.