11 November 2012

Review: Hand Sanitizers by Droplets of Nature

I never claim I'm Mrs. Clean & not really that of an OC mom, but I always make sure that my hands are clean. And so's LB's. If water is not accessible & there's no trash bin near to throw my used wet wipes after, there should be a hand sanitizer in my bag. And it never fails, I always have one. Well, sometimes it's a bottle of alcohol. I recently discovered a brand that produces hand sanitizers made of natural ingredients, Droplets of Nature. Their hand sanitizers are made from plant-based lactic acid, fruit-based alcohol and essential oils. The plant-based lactic acid acts as the main anti-bacterial ingredient, therefore the scent of the alcohol is not too strong. The lactic acid and essential oils acts as the natural moisturizers. Their hand sanitizer is also safe for the baby's hands.

When I shared it with my sister, who by the way is a Mrs. Clean, she instantly liked it and even asked for its price. And my bestfriend Mommy Evie, who's sort of a Lucy Torres sa kaputian & kakinisan, said that its scent smells like it's meant to be used for babies. I'm currently using the pink variant & honestly loved it. Guess what? It's only  Php69 per bottle. There may have cheaper sanitizers in the market but this one from Droplets of Nature is worth its price. It doesn't contain alcohol, which may leave you with dry hands & can actually help moisturize it as it has essential oils.

I will be sharing with you my happy experience on their Eco-friendly Dishwashing Liquid & soap variants in another post soon. If you wish to try on Droplets of Nature products, they are available at:
  • Sesou Nature Source
  • NUMA
  • Sugarleaf Greenhills
  • ECHOstore
  • Landmark (hand sanitizer only)
  • Finds Convenience Store (500 ml Dishwashing Liquid)
  • Baby Step
  • Baby Land
  • Cash & Carry Department Store
  • Pioneer Supermarket
  • Duty Free Philippines
  • International Free Port
  • Shopinas (online)
  • Pepper Jack Stores
  • Buy Low Supermarket
  • Bora Budget Market (Boracay)

It will be available soon at Breakfast Store (Katipunan). You can also place orders at the Droplets of Nature Office by calling the number: 09399172973. Also, like their Facebook fan page here: Droplets of Nature, Inc.


  1. I haven't tried this product yet, I wonder if it is already available here in the city...

  2. This is a good product to have in your purse especially if you have kiddos!

  3. I will definitely buy the hand sanitizer. Lalo ngayon at mahilig magsubo ng kamay si Raine.

  4. Hand sanitizer is a must especially for our active kids. It is better safe than sorry with germs, right Sis?

  5. This must be a great product as it is made of natural ingredients. Some hand sanitizer in the market now have that strong smell and maybe have strong ingredients that can dry the skin.

  6. I am an advocate of any environmental friendly products and this sounds really great. The fact that it's natural in ingredients makes me want to try it too.

  7. I've heard of this from one blogger friend and she as well attested how sweet the scent and moisturizing this hand sanitizer is, apart from its real purpose. Interesting!

  8. Hand sanitizer should be a must seen in our bag.Especially who have kids who handle anything that causing them to suffer any kind of disease.

  9. ooh, i really like their sanitizer and their liquid wash is also good.

    melandria romero

  10. I'm a big fan of products made with natural ingredients. I will check out this brand.