21 November 2012

Review: Kid StarMaker's Ballerina Princess Book

I haven't met a parent, or a mom per se, who do not give so much pride about having her child. I know you know what I'm talking about! Like what my former guy (& single) assistant told me when it was Christmas season in  the office last year, when you get to be a parent, all you got to brag are your kids' achievements. Or your kids themselves. When LB wasn't born yet, it was my boyfriend (now husband) that I was so proud to talk about. I have "branded" him as the best boyfriend ever despite our endless fights & arguments. I always sounded like I am selling Rhambo to my friends & family, dishing out to them the juiciest stories about how he made me feel like a natural woman! Okay, that's a song. But yeah, I think it's really my nature to get that "marketing/PR" vibe in me. Now that I am a mother of a 4-year-old drama princess, I never changed that. Well, for some parents, they find it not so nice. It's like I'm pushing my two loves (Rhambo & LB) to limelight, which they weren't really asking for. But that was not my point, I wanted to let the people see & know how wonderful they are! 

Thank you so much Kid StarMaker for my little girl's book & CD!
Her AWESOME face just proved how happy she was. ;)
I have learned my lesson though. Rhambo's not really the type of guy who wants so much spectacle about him so I minimized the details on his what-seemed-to-be-my-husband-press-kit. I just let myself be the proof of his being the great man that he is. How? To be a fabulous woman that I am! Charot. But really, he takes good care of me very well. And yes, he spoils me like a baby. Alright, enough. But LB? Ooh, she loves it! Being the only girl grandchild of my mom (Lola Leny or LL has 5 grandsons from my sisters), she gets to be cooed a lot. Though it's not the case in my MIL's side because she's the 3rd granddaughter already, she has still kept that BIDA COMPLEX alive, as being the unica hija of MIL's only son. 

Her Ballerina Princess kept her company before bedtime for three consecutive nights. ♥
And what's more bida than to star in your own book, right? I'm talking about Kid StarMaker's personalized books. I first knew this online store through Celestina & Co., when the latter featured photos of their clients' beautiful baby girls in Facebook. One of them is the daughter of the owners of Kid StarMaker. I am so blessed to receive Sophia's own Ballerina Princess book and Little Mermaid 3D Animation Movie (will tell you more about it in a separate post) for my review. I really chose the Ballerina Princess among all the books they have in their website, since my little girl really loves anything to do with ballet. I have actually enrolled her to a ballet class in her school last summer {read it here}, so I really thought that she would adore the book. 

And she did! The crumpled edges proved that all she did with it when it arrived was to hold it whatever she does --- including her pee & poop trips. She was so ecstatic to see her name printed on its first leaf. Her eyes gleamed with excitement whenever she sees her name as she turns each page of the book. I have read the book to her for three consecutive nights and she never got tired of it (but I did, to my tonsil's suffering).

Kid StarMaker's personalized books also give you the chance to put in the names of your child's friends and family --- including you! So I included her classmate Robyn & her heroine, Teacher Lois, in the cast. And of course, me, Rhambo, MIL & LL, too. I only forgot to include her bestfriend (who she always fights with) Ava. So whenever there's a line like "Sophia & Robyn walked into their class...", LB would automatically butt in with "and Ava". Well, it's a customized book and it's hers so she could do anything about it. Other story books that Kid StarMaker offers are  
  • Little One, Little One, What Do You See?
  • My Birthday Surprise
  • The Big Circus
  • The Train With No Name
  • Mother Goose
  • God's Special Gifts to Me
  • My Trip to the Fire Station
  • Special Delivery

All of these hardbound books are valued at Php795. Story Book CDs are also available for Php695 each. 
**With Kid Starmaker interactive storybook CDs, your child is not only the star of the story, he or she gets to interact with the characters! Can you imagine a storybook that reads the story to your child? That's exactly what our storybook CDs do! As your child flips through the pages using the computer, he or she will be enthralled by the story and characters that come alive in every page. Our storybook CDs will help your child learn to read as the text is written and spoken by the narrator. More so, every time your Li'l Star clicks on a character, it speaks directly to your child. What's more, our storybook CDs are personalized to include an animated likeness of your child on every page.  
After your child is finished with the story, he or she can play games and print out coloring pages featuring characters such as Spider-Man, Marvel's Fantastic Four and a lot more! Kid StarMaker Storybook CDs will surely entertain and educate your child for hours on end!  
The Storybook CDs can easily be copied to a computer or to your tablet for countless hours of educational entertainment! 
What surprises it will bring?
  • A cartoon character likeness of your child— personalized name, nationality, eye and hair color!
  • A narrator tells the story as the child reads the text on the page!
  • Computer games featuring the characters in the story!
  • Printable coloring pages for hours of coloring fun!
  • Special dedication on the CD label from you!
If you want to gift your child something that could really make him special this Christmas, go to www.kidstarmaker.com now and place your order. You can also like them on Facebook, www.facebook.com/KidStarMaker. For a more detailed transaction, please send email to kidstarmaker@yahoo.com.

{This review is to offer my reading audience an objective opinion that could eventually help them gain an informed decision before the actual purchase. I’m not in any way related to the company. Please see my Disclosure Policy for details regarding compensation.}

**As written in the Kid StarMaker website, which you could see here


  1. Aww, so cute! :-) Mommy, perhaps you could suggest to Sophia that she bring it to school with her and I can read it to the class during story time (if she likes po). It's going to be so exciting!

  2. Awww, you can tell in her smile that she enjoys reading books.

  3. Wow, every mother or parents should get their kids these story books and CDs because through, the kids will be more interested or excited to read.

  4. ohh, this is quite lovely. who wouldn't be thrilled reading all about yourself in your own book!

    i bet my little man will love this, too! must check the site out :)

  5. she reminds me of my 3 year old daughter :D my daughter loves ballerina too and one time we went to a book store, she found a ballerina book and since then she'd open it and imitate the ballerina in the picture. it makes me smile to see her does it. I'm actually thinking of sending her to a ballerina school. hopefully soon.

  6. she really enjoy reading the book, for sure every child would love to have a personalized book like this...

  7. This is cool and it looks like she really enjoyed a lot. I think bragging your own child achievement is normal, I've seen/heard a lot of this around me.

  8. I love this idea of a personalized book. I hope I can get one for my daughter.

  9. That book is good for kids,to learn and at the same time to enjoy whatever she is doing.A good motivation for kids to read their books all the time.

  10. How i wish my kids could have personalized books like this one! I am sure your little one will cherish it and would even be able to read it to her own children someday.

  11. What a great way to encourage kids to read a book! Is this available in the PH? I'd like to have one for my 3 year old. She loves books, though she's more into picture books now.

  12. That is really great as the kids will be encouraged to read more books if they found out they are also in the story :-)

  13. I'm sure bedtime wouldn't be the same for awhile with your little princess having her new story book. My girls are now almost off to their teenhood but seems like they still can't get enough of story books like this especially the ones with princesses stories.

  14. WOW! This is nice.. I just might have one made for my niece!