07 November 2012

The Teleserye Princess in her Pink World

Today, I was the one who went with Sophia to school & not Ate Maritess. We got an invite yesterday from one of her classmates who celebrated his birthday today in school. Happy 5th birthday, Kyle! So I needed to buy a gift that's why I let some Marikina sunshine touched my skin. The invite that we got was a Spiderman card. Hmm. So Spiderman ang ireregalo ko. I went to a nearby gift store after I made sure my LB's in the safety of her classroom. I looked for a Spiderman toy & saw lots of it. Bumili ako agad-agad. Dinagdagan ko ng marker pens & Spiderman drawing book. Voila! All below Php100. Kasama na ang paper bag. Hihi. Wais na misis. Hello, petsa de peligro. 

This is what she wore yesterday. She wore it the whoooooole day.PINK is my fev-rit, Nanay! ♥ 
When I got back to school, I tapped their glass door to ask for Sophia, who was in the middle of an argument with her Teacher Pau. It looked like she was in her maldita streak again. She went out to get her gift for Kyle. I saw a trace of tear in her left eye. I asked her why she cried. She said she wanted the PINK marker pen. Pinapagawa pala sila ng birthday card for the birthday boy. She said she can't find the PINK marker pen. Howmaygoolay. Bad influence na ba ako sa anak ko? Na hindi siya gagawa ng card kung hindi PINK ang marker pen? Kaloka. Yun lang iniiyakan na? Pag-aartistahin ko na talaga yata 'to. :p

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