28 August 2013

A Mom's Life: 31/48

Meeting new faces and faces behind the blogs I read make my social life and life per se a little bit more exciting. For my 31st AML feature, I got a multi-slashie mom on the blog, y'all! As in, working mom slash band vocalist slash TV commercial talent slash blogger slash wife slash mom. Whew. Only a few can do that, aminin niyo yan! So I'm very fortunate that she allotted time to answer my AML slumbook. Hihi. But before that, watch this video first ---

That's her on the first few frames with the knob-less door! You could also see her Jollibee TVC here and Joy Dish Washing Liquid commercial here. I got lucky that she shomehow "blogged" this post for me with her well-thought answers. :*

NAME: Louise Antonette Dulay Fandiño

AGE: 30-ish

CHILDREN: Dandre Lucas, 9 and Deangelo Wes Liam, 2

OCCUPATION: I’m a full-time working mom. I work as a Campaigns Specialist in the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines creating and executing targeted marketing communication programs. I change my career hats on Saturday nights, from a corporate slave to a bonggang performer. I’m a vocalist of a three-piece acoustic band with my hubby as a percussionist. Our band has been together since 2006. We used to actively play in bars around Mandaluyong and Quezon City, but now resorted to events and hotels. We play every Saturday night at Luxent Hotel in QC. Occasionally, I’m also a TV Commercial Talent. My most recent TVC was JOY Ultra with Michael V. I actively blog under Mommy Practicality, which started just last year.

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FAVORITE OUTFIT: At work, I always wear pants and a corporate or smart casual top with either flats or high-heels. I am your practical pants kind of person because I commute. Also, it’s easier to move around, walk or run around and makipag-siksikan at bunuan when you wear pants. You will seldom see me in skirts or dresses at work. I guess it’s also because I get to dress up naman every weekends for my band gig, as in todo ayos, make-up and super short dresses or in royalty gowns, the works. When you perform, you need to look very pleasing and sort of maalindog kasi, so good luck to me! On family days, I wear shorts and t-shirts. Oh by the way, my outfits always come with a (BIG) bag. 

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: On normal days, I use Celeteque BB Cream, Maybelline Mineral Foundation, In-2-It Eye Brow Kit, Maybelline Mineral Blush and Burt’s Bee’s Lip Balm. It’s full make-up on gigs naman!

HOBBIES: I like going online, to get my daily dose of inspirations, mommy info and humor from blogs like yours, Mommy Fleur’s and Martine’s Dainty Mom. I like taking photos of my kids and food a lot and post them instantly on IG or FB. I like laughing with my hubby. I like hugging and kissing my kids (sige na nga pati si hubby.) Currently, I’m into the Hotel Dash game because I like the challenges of multi-tasking sa game, nakakarelate ako much!

Queen B says: Wow! Nasali ako sa binabasa mo daily. Hehe. At levelz pa with the blogging goddesses. Thank yew, muther. :*

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Since I really am not a TV person, I only get to watch downloaded series with hubby. I’m so hooked into HBO’s True Blood. In the morning though, I keep myself updated on current events via Unang Hirirt or UKG. Current read is John Maxwell’s The Power of Influence.

Mommy Practicality with Daddy Practicality (Is he practical din ba? Hehe)
FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Sweeping , waxing and buffing the floor (gusto ko yung pawis na pawis, yung parang ang dami kong na-accomplish at maaawa sila sa akin sa pagoda lotion haha!) and ironing clothes! 

Queen B says: Muther, you should have seen how fab my walis tambo is. I posted it on IG! Haha! I bought that so I'll be more sipag to sweep my daughter's kalat. I think when I'm rich na, I'll gift you with a "floor contemplacion package" --- walis, bunot, floor wax in can and pranela. Haha! ;)

GUILTY PLEASURES: Going to the spa with hubby (kailangan sabay talaga kami) for a full body massage with sauna (suki kami ng Nuat Thai, Body Delight or Lime Spa, affordable and sulit kasi.) Going to the salon or your friendly-neighborhood-parlor (na cheapangga lang ha) for a mani-pedicure. Weekly practical shopping for dresses for use in my gigs, kailangan ang bonggang dress should cost less than P500.00, otherwise I walk past it, ignore it or have an allergy attack (dun lang ako allergic sa mahalya.) Lastly, buying quality watches, yun lang talaga pinaka-gagastusan naming ni hubby. 

Queen B says: Yes to mani-pedi na pangmasa! Hello, Reyes Hair Cutters. Lol.  And same with quality watches. I'd rather have one quality basic watch (which is what actually is happening hehe) than having 20+ cheap trendy watches. ;)

PET PEEVE: I have this thing with scissors. I should have 2 sets, one for paper cutting and the other one for cutting anything sticky like packaging tapes or scotch tapes. I don’t like using sticky scissors on paper, irita. Also on clothes hamper, it’s important that you shoot your used clothes in the bin, wag nang ma-miss dapat yan! Otherwise, gera! Lastly, food should be served hot all the time. 

Queen B says: Since you have boys, perhaps you could put a basketball ring slightly above it para feeling Gilas Pilipinas sila. Haha! At least walang gera-gera. Ang cute nung pet peeve mo sa scissors. Kairita nga yun. ;)

2013 GOAL: To be able to invest my blog earnings to balanced funds, last year kasi I was able to get myself a variable life insurance (with investment na rin.) To lose weight for health purposes (sinabi ko na rin to 10 years ago pa) and to eat healthier food (goodbye to my almost weekly bagnet and lechon.) I also want to be debt-free, I’m maintaining one credit card kasi. 

DREAM FOR CHILDREN: I have two boys and all I dream for them is that I’d be able to raise them as true gentlemen (who still opens the door for women/elderly, who pulls a chair or gives up seat for women and elderly) and somebody who has strong principles to stand by his beliefs and not be easily swayed by others as long as what they stand for is right, just and fair. I want to see my sons successful in their chosen careers, I will support them in what I see now are their interests may it be in academics or extra-curricular. I also dream that whatever happens, even when they are adults already, they will remain as loving, as protective and as close as they are now. 

Queen B says: Wee! Thank you Louise, dear for making my AML series more special by gracing my blog. I'm happy I finally got to meet you during Halo Sleepsack Philippines' sparty last month. Hope to have more chika time with you on future events. Cheers to practical motherhood! Like what I said in our secret FB group: to blogging, motherhood and beyond. Mwah! :*

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