14 August 2013

Slow Down, Breathe and Savor Each Moment

When I was not at my bestest self, which happened here and here, these were what I have at home.

Oh, I can't even pick up the poor stray crayon missing from the platoon. The ref magnets are trying to get m attention, too. See those dusts over there at the corner? Any OC mom would want to kill me now. 

But this is the reason why I decided to slow down. Behind that smile are beautiful stories I will always, always cherish; which I instantly thought writing a post of, soon. LB is growing up fast and fabulous. Her legs are beginning to be as slender as the mare's, galloping in the meadows. Her thoughts bewilder me most of the time. She can now tell me about last night's dream. She misses her pop every minute of every day. She would request for rice and fried chicken at 11 in the evening when hunger strikes. She'd say "enough, Nay, that's not nice" whenever I forget myself and would yell at her. Ah! This girl is surely a handful but every stress is worth it. 

If you have noticed, I have slowed down. Gone are the days of addicting giveaways. Blog events were carefully chosen, too (not that there were a lot of invites, you know). I still and will continue to do things that could make my cyber palace survive in this crazy beautiful world of blogging though. However, my sister's in the hospital right now. I visited her earlier. So, what does it have to do with my virtual life? A lot. My theory on as why she got that illness is she has pushed herself too much. She is the super full-time mom I have featured here. Yes, a career woman who has two school-aged boys and no nanny. Wondering how she did it? Well, she did it all by herself and now it's taking a toll on her body. This past Sunday, we were talking about how we loathe dirty dishes and I told her not to touch it if she's tired. She answered that it's not that she wanted to do it, but because she needed to. I didn't argue with her; but inside me, I wanted to tell her this: sometimes, it's all about knowing the difference between urgent and important. It might be too deep of a topic for a usual Sunday kwentuhan with the family so I just kept it to myself. 

Now, the message has unfolded its real meaning: savor each moment that we have in our hands. After all, the dirty dishes won't complain if they are left unwashed. If a clean house will leave a painful mark in my child's heart because of shouting bouts, I'd rather live in a pigsty (OK, flowery words, I'm a semi-OC mom). As of posting this, the clothes are neatly stacked in the closet, the crayon has reunited with the rest of the wheel, but the dusts are still there. I shall deal with them tomorrow when I can. And before facing this blog, I made sure the girl is full, clean and has read a bedtime story before dozing off dreamily. One year has passed since I decided to quit my corporate job. Am I having regrets? Not at least a bit. She is the reason why I'm here at home.


  1. another quote that i will bear in mind, " sometimes, it's all about knowing the difference between urgent and important. " hirap din maging sahm tapos walang yaya. at minsan dumarating din sa puntong tinatamad akong gawin un mga usual routine ko.. at ang inuuna ko nlng un importante at kelangan tlgang magawa sa araw na un. kaya natin tong mga sahms. get well soon to your sister :)

  2. This is so true. Keeping this in mind when life decides to overwhelm!