07 August 2013

A Mom's Life 28/48

I got pregnant with LB out of wedlock and it honestly didn't make me feel that good. However, I realized that it didn't matter as long as she was healthy and normal. When I gave birth five years ago, Rhambo was not at my side; I even had a really bad experience the day after that, which I'm trying my best to forget. Filing for her birth certificate took me long 'cause I originally didn't want to name her after her father. My mom told me to forget about my pride and do whatever it takes to give LB a family she deserves. Yes, I did it all for my Sophia, my wisdom. Until now, whenever my husband and I will loathe each other to death, I can easily forget that because I need to keep this family for her. Some people have admired me for being so strong despite all the hardships I've been through but I guess, there are stronger women than me --- the single moms. And one of them is my 28th AML mom. 
This is what she has to say about her being a single mom, edited for brevity and clarity: 
"I am a single mom and proud to be one. But I still want a complete family, I want to walk down the aisle someday and have a happy married life. I want my kids to have a father that will take them anywhere they want to, that will drive them to school every single day, and a father who they will look up to with love and respect.  
I am so lucky I have understanding parents. They never forced me to marry and they never kicked me out of their home. They accepted me for who I am and they are still there for me, kahit nagkamali ako. Lahat ng efforts ko, lahat ng oras ko, I gave to my children. They are the reason why I kept on holding on my faith to God and they are the reason why I am still fighting. Kasi, I don’t ask for money from their dads. I raise my kids alone.  
I want to be a blessing to everyone that I meet. Gusto ko din na mag-iwan ng magandang aral sa mga kabataan, kasi kaya maraming teenage pregnancy and unwanted pregnancies dahil sa curiosity at kamangmangan. Huwag gawing laro ang pre-marital sex, at huwag isipin na okay lang maging single mother dahil marami naman ang successful single mothers. 
Para sa mga single mothers na itinaguyod ang kanilang anak mag-isa, wag mawalan ng pag-asa. May awa ang Diyos at maging blessing sa iba. Wag isipin na wala ng magmamahal sa iyo dahil may anak ka na, andyan pa rin ang pamilya at mga kaibigan mo. Tulad ko." ~ Joanne

NAME: Joanne Gonzales 

AGE: 28 years old 

CHILDREN, AGES: Johanne Brant (6 years old) and Joanna Gerayah (1 year old) 

OCCUPATION: Entrepreneur (Coca-Cola Distributor) and Inatay: Ina na, Tatay pa at the same time. 

FAVORITE OUTFIT: T-shirt and shorts 

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Lipstick (it is the only thing that I can apply without any help) 

HOBBIES: I have a lot of hobbies actually, I do read a lot to keep my mind from being idle (I have accumulated a lot of books since I was young I could even show you my bookshelves if you’ll visit my home), I love to watch movies (old and new), I spend some of my time internet surfing and joining online contests too and of course playing with the kids. 

CURRENT READ/WATCH: I am currently reading “Tough Guys and Drama Queens” by Mark Gregston and currently watching CSI: Miami (avid fan here of all the CSI series) 

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: paglilinis ng kwarto at pag-aayos ng mga damit sa cabinet 

GUILTY PLEASURE: 2 piece swimwears, borloloys and butingtings. 

Queen B says: Kung ako may ganitong katawan, hindi ko ikakaguilty ang pagsuot ng swimwear. Kahit 'pag namalengke ako or susunduin sa school ang bagets, magta-tanga pa ako. Hihi. Kasi naman oh, saan napapunta ang kinakain niya? #feelingmiserablewithmyfats

PET PEEVE: I hate people who SMOKE in a non-smoking area or kahit na may sign na nga na no-smoking lalo na sa mga pampublikong sasakyan ay naninigarilyo pa rin, minsan di ko napipigilan sarili ko napagsasabihan ko talaga. 

2013 GOAL: Learn how to use my Canon 450D, hindi ko naman gusto maging magaling na photographer, pero gusto ko sana maging mas maganda ang kuha ko compare sa mga shots ko ngayon haha. 

Every mother has a dream for her child or children, because every mother only wants the best for her son or daughter. I want my son to be a Pilot or a Doctor and I want my daughter to be a Lawyer or a Nurse.
But the final decision will be theirs, not mine. I only hope that they will grow up as a better person, they will have a sense of responsibility upon their shoulders, they will learn to value life more than anything else and that they will keep the flame of love for family burning in their hearts. 

Queen B says: Joanne, you will always be an inspiration to us, especially to your fellow single moms. But really, you inspired me to exercise and goon diet dahil sa legs mo. Haha! Thank you for sharing your life with us. Virtual beso-beso, muther. ♥


  1. I admire single moms who stand up for their kids and rights! Di na uso ang asa ngayon sa lalaki no! Haha! Galit lang!

    It was really nice knowing you and meeting you in person, kelan kaya masusundan?

    1. Hayaan mo, pag-iisipan ko ang pagbabakasyon sa inyo :D adopt me for a day or two? will you? hehe

  2. every single mum who struggles to support her children on her own is very admirable + a big source of inspiration. it was such a joy to know you + i cannot wait to meet you in person!

    1. hi Sis, its so nice meeting you online and I really hope we could talk and have coffee together.. Oh di kaya, kain tayo sa McDo para makumpleto natin ang Smurfs ni Jared? haha :D

  3. Awts.. sapul akesh.. I am a single mom too for 8 years now. It is really isn't easy to be a mother and a father at the same time. * teary eyed*

    1. It is not easy to be an Inatay kasi doble ang pagiging parent natin noh, pero di bale, doble naman ang kasiyahan at pagmamahal na natatanggap natin sa anak natin :)

    2. Thank You so much Bebeng for this blog post :) Hayyy, naiiyak ako habang nagbabasa. Promise :D Para palang Maalaala ang aking buhay. To think nasa kalagitnaan pa lang ako :D

  4. Salute to single moms (especially those with two kids and can still wear a bikini. Envious to the nth level here!)

  5. hi jo.. sa horacio dela costa elem. school ka ba nagaral?

  6. i was wondering if you are the joanne gonzales ive known nung elementary.. younger sister ni geraldine.. tama ba? can't recognize ur face.. natatandaan ko u have dimples.. ur a consistent top 1 sa class.. is that really u?