17 August 2013

Rayala Dialogues: The Girl's Hair

As a wife to a husband who's not always at home, one of my biggest obligations is to update the father of my child on what our daughter's up to lately. It's not a tough job at all. I'm a blogger and a social media fan so I just do the update through FB, IG or here. So earlier, I did a "general sweeping" all over the house; as in every nook and cranny. If you're following me on Instagram (which I encourage you to do if you haven't yet #shamelessplugging), you already know what LB just did. This ---

Grrr-worthy, right? I inspected her hair when I found the bunch under the couch. Good thing the crime was not obvious at all. It did get mixed reactions from my friends on FB, but what stood out was from my solja boy via text. 

Anong bang head?! Stand in the corner!!!
Hahaha! So weird that when I found the poor strands of hair, his common sense got lost somewhere. Can't wait to be with him again, I'm pretty sure there'll be more #kamotulo moments like this. ♥ 

How 'bout your husband, mare? May ganito din ba kayong eksena? ;)


  1. hahahaha.. i can imagine..and yes we also have lots of #kamotulo stuff with our little boy and many more to come pa.. hehe.. :)

  2. ang kulit ng text exchanges nyo! :D

    bakit naisipang gupitin ang hair nya? ;)

  3. ang kuleet.^^ naku, kids talaga are so experimental.tsk, kaya scissors, scissors away.. ;)