31 December 2015

No Clever Title: An Occasional Blogger's Year-End Post

Flowing; let it flow. That's what I'll just do with my thoughts here. I want to try harder and write my best as this is my farewell post for this year but the more I plan it, the less I feel about its need. Can we proceed? I have no idea how to do a proper segue now.

This site has given me so much joy and satisfaction. This site made me meet people I won't get to even say hi online. This site tested my character. This site validated my worth at some point. This site has been the extension of what I am and currently doing. If I had been hooked to hosting giveaways, it's because I love what I was doing. If for some I've been a looter and freeloader, it's because I found it fun. If I had been to every event, regardless if it has no relation to my brand, it's because I didn't know then that I shouldn't be doing that. 

After three years, I now know what I want to do with my online life.

In all honesty, I don't care anymore if I don't get invited to events or I don't receive packages after packages of products. It's not too important for me if I won't have sky-rocketing hits from readers. The end-all and be-all of this blog is my happiness. I believe that if I'm happy, the people who'd get to read my posts or see my photos will be influenced with whatever emotion I was conveying. 

So with that, I sincerely thank you if you are reading this. That means, you care for me and my happiness and not just what I can give you. If it's just 50 or 30 or 10 of you who visit my blog whenever I have a new post up, I am grateful for all of you. That means, I still matter. That means, people still read me. It sounds like I'm a hipster or something but it's not in the number of followers, right? Oh well, not if you really wanna be famous and do this professionally. 

Like I said, I'll just let it flow. And right now, nothing's flowing no more. Bye for now.

It's 2016 in a few hours. Happy new year to all of us! xx

*Photo by Unsplash


  1. Love this, and I totally agree. All I care about is your happiness, D! I miss you! Happy old year, and an even happier NEW year in 2016!!! Hugs and love. <3

  2. I chanced upon your post and I must say I can relate. I used to fancy joining exclusive events and getting tokens for blogging but this coming year, I want to refocus my blog into something that brings me joy and helps other moms. I don't have a big readership but I am thankful that they find it worthwhile to read my posts. In the end, it's bout being thankful. Thank you too, for making meaningful posts even if they don't have clever titles :)