19 October 2015

A Dose of Daniela

It was a breezy morning here at the side of my world. The girl doesn't have classes due to Typhoon Lando. We weren't snarling at each other, not in a hurry. We had pancakes and hot chocolate for breakfast, her ultimate pick-me-uppers. She was still in her pyjamas (but at some point was a vampire using my black shawl) and doodled her time away while she waited for my work to finish. My last three hours weren't that good. The couch, which is just a few meters away from my table, was calling my aching back and shoulders. Oh, how I wanted to give in to that craving. But you know, I'm okay with my work. It pays okay so I had to feel okay about it. Okay = not so bad, not so great. Anyway, while I was swamped and drowning with the kind of job that I have, I didn't allow it to leave a painful emotional scar on my being. I did all my best to do it the Royal Domesticity way: I played some Daniela Andrade on Spotify. And poof! I'm automatically more than okay. Here's what I had on loop for four times. She's just making me emotionally confused right now, haha. Please watch it and let me know how you felt after.

To watch her covers and more, subscribe on her YouTube channel. ♥


  1. She has a lovely soothing voice. Thank you, I am so happy to discover your blog and Daniela too.

    1. She does! She's beautiful, too. Gosh. Oh, thanks by the way for dropping by, Arni. ♥