25 December 2013

A Mom's Life: 48/48

Three things before I start this post --- First, I'm not a stalker; though weirdly, constantly liking each of her post on Facebook and Instagram. Hihi. I'm a loyal reader of her mommy blog. I read her personal blog, the one she started before she became a mom to Jelly Bean, but there's just something about the mommy blog. Something real, something royal, something like you don't read from other passionate-bordering-to-pretentious-mom-blogs. If you're like me, I know you know what I meant by that. Lastly, I'm super scared for my blogger self. You see, she's an awesome writer. She got into the comfortable life she's enjoying right now because she's a writing genius. In fact, she's married to a writer, too. If a mediocre, regular, non-writing human being thinks I'm a good writer (because I can Ingliss myselp), uhm... not this time.
Yes, my dear royal readers, my last and Christmas special offering for A Mom's Life  features none other than the fab former editor-in-chief of OK! Philippines. I was actually nervous when I sent her my four-paragraph "proposal" to her email. This is an excerpt of what I wrote her: 
"So I thought that since Christmas Day falls on a Wednesday (when I publish my AML post), it has to be extra special. I have two moms in mind. It's a battle between Kate Middleton and Frances Sales. Well yeah, Kate's busy. I know you are, too. I assumed you're preggy so I know your hormones aren't that good to you lately. But I hope you could squeeze me in in your sched. :)" 
I was close to shutting down my cyber palace if she'd say no. Seriously. Haha! But guess what she said? This: 
"I'll do it! I don't think the Duchess can :) 
Thanks for even thinking of me for this, Denise!" 
I got really, really excited. I immediately copy-pasted her answers to my AML slum book when she replied. I made a mental note that I'd finish it before the holidays, but it sadly rested in my drafts folder. I'm sure you muthers feel that this quark of a space in the blogosphere has changed. It was not the same as it used to be. I'm uncertain about what I'm feeling towards this blog. Am I losing that thing they call as "blogging mojo"? Whatever it is, I'm glad that Topaz Mommy is here in Bebengisms! She's one of the mom bloggers I read when I need a boost. So there, what an introduction noh? Hehe. I'm sure you'll be amazed at how she answered my slum book-ish questions, sa "name" pa lang. Kaya here na!

NAME: Frances Amper Sales. No hyphen because my last name is Sales, not Amper-Sales.

AGE: I just turned 37!

CHILDREN, AGE: My beautiful boys Vito, 3, and Iñigo, 19 months. I'm also pregnant with my third child and we're having fun picking out boy names and girl names, but Vito has already christened his upcoming sibling with the strange name "Baby Chicken".

Queen B says: I looooove that I was one of the firsts who knew about her 3rd pregnancy. 

OCCUPATION: I'm a blogger, writer, and newspaper columnist. I occasionally edit, too, but I've been too busy with domestic life to take on more work.

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Comfy dresses that allow me to breastfeed paired with flats. I wouldn't exactly call this my favorite outfit. I'm a shirt-and-jeans and sleek dresses kinda girl. I love heels, too! But since becoming a mom, my style has changed.

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Eyebrow powder! As long as my brows are groomed, the rest of my face looks great!

HOBBIES: What's that??? Since becoming a mom, I no longer know what that means!!! It used to be reading blogs (I'd visit 30 in a day!), eating out with my hubby, watching movies, reading two books a week… Now, it's a miracle if I can find time to shower! 

CURRENT READ/WATCH: InStyle December issue. Not watching anything really since my fave shows just ended or are due to start next year (Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, Game of Thrones). Unless you count Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney Junior and Nick Jr! 

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Making love to my husband!!! No photo!!! LOL

Queen B says: Mine was (take note, past tense) cooking. But now that she mentions this, I now take making love as a domestic duty. Winner 'to 'di ba? I can do this every day. Hahaha! :D

GUILTY PLEASURE: None. I don't feel guilty about anything. Okay, wait. I would totally love to sleep again. I haven't slept for more than 4 hours since March this year, when my kids' yayas left. I would love to sleep again, kahit 7 hours lang!!! But even though my hubby Vince tells me to sleep in and he'll look after the kids, I can't sleep! I feel so guilty!

PET PEEVE: I don't like it when the restaurant bill arrives and everyone pulls out their phones and calculates their share. I don't like "watch out" and "look out", which are warnings when people actually mean "abangan!

Oh, I just want them to find their life's purpose 
and strive to achieve it. 
I want them to find the love of their lives 
and settle down when they're ready. 
I want them to be healthy and safe and happy. 
I want them to find God and love Him and serve Him.

2013 GOAL: This year's goal was to simplify my life. As a former magazine editor, my life used to be glamorous and noisy, all about "Look at me! Love me!" This year, I just wanted my life to be simple, home-centered, devoted to my husband and kids. That's still my goal next year. I want my life to be smaller, I want to diminish, I want to be a servant. It's not about being pious really. I just realised finally that my life would be so much bigger if I didn't dominate it so much, if I just allow others to fill it up =)

Queen B says: I like that she associated glamorous with noisy. I like that she can still blog about her lifestyle (in Topaz Horizon) without being in all social events she could attend to. ;)

It's always been [this] but now it's also this: "Always respond in love."
Queen B says: Dear Frances, I'm seriously a fan. It humbled me that you said yes to be a part of this series. I'm glad that you breastfed your sons without sounding like non-BFing moms are bad parents. It amazes me that you can be very honest [in your Facebook statuses, comments, blogs] without sounding like a b*tch. It puts me into reality that even if you admit that you are a Born-again Christian (like me), you are not a religion freak. Thank you for being real and royal. Please continue blogging. You can always have 1 hit from me. Or more, since I read your blogs using my phone, too. Merry Christmas to you, your friends and this club. Hahaha! Kidding. See you in Facebook. :)

It makes me kilig when you like or comment on my posts. Hihi. ♥

~ ♔~

Frances Amper Sales
Facebook: Topaz Horizon
Twitter: @FrancesASales
Instagram: @francesasales


  1. One of my fave reads! :) From one momma (and Frances fan) to another, thanks for featuring her. Gustong gusto kong binabasa yung mga posts nya. Hehe! :) Sana I'll have a baby boy as gorj as her boys. Ah well. Sa 2015 na. Para 3 years ang gap. Hihi.

    Happy holidays btw, Redrico-Rayalas. :) And to the Amper-Sales fam as well.

  2. Ohemgeee! I love Frances (I know, feeling close lang :)) to bits. I stalk her blogs, too. When life seems so unfair to me, I always always look up to her. I know she isn't perfect, she have mentioned that on her blogs. She wouldn't claim it and yet I think otherwise. I think of her as wondermom kasi. I couldn't imagine myself managing the household and running after two sons (plus another one on the way) and yet look glamorous and oh so beautiful. Sya lang ang kilala kong ganun. Di ba? =)

  3. Yipee! Kilig much! Thank you Mommy Frances for saying yes to Nanay Denise. Love reading your blogs. God bless both of you! Safe pregnancy to Mommy Frances and Nanay Denise, just continue wanting another baby, it will come in His perfect time :) Happy holidays!

  4. Oh wow, Denise! So glad to see Frances featured in your series! She is such an inspiring and amusing blogger. I hope you continue to feature more moms in your site this year. :)

  5. Syempre ngayon lang ako sumagot!!! One year later!!!

    Thanks so much for having me on your fabulous blog, D! I had fun answering your questions =) Looking at my goal for 2014, as I mentioned here, I really have diminished. My family has eaten me up! And yet, my life is bigger and fuller than ever before! I'm grateful =)

    Now look at you! You've done so well this year! May your business be blessed so that it fulfills your family's dreams =)

    And thank you also to Ays, Tata, Abi and Shockingina for the kind words and for following my blogs! God bless you all!

    P.S. Ako ito, ha? I wasn't signed in sa Blogger account ko while leaving this comment. Iniiwasan ko mag-blog kasi ang dami kong deadlines! But syempre, imbis na magtrabaho, leaving comments ang inaatupag! LOL