21 December 2013

Have a Sweeter Christmas with Red Ribbon

OK, I'm not exaggerating, but Red Ribbon has been so existent in this blog (and my life)! Remember that I spent Valentine's Day husband-less? So instead of sulking in sorrow, I went out with LB and had merienda at the nearby RR store. On August, R, Sophia and I celebrated Ultimate Royal-a Day with some pancit and chocolate cake to kick-off one of the best months of every year, September. Yes, the cake was from Red Ribbon, too. The next month, I wrote about Sophia's birthday dinner and her colorful My Little Pony party at school. My Cyber Party Giveaway winners, which were announced days before LB's birthday each had half roll of RR's  triple chocolate cake and a pack of mamon. For Sophia's birthday dinner dessert, we had choco mousse. At her school party, she had Tiramisu Meltdown. Royal Domesticity loves Red Ribbon, obviously! ♥

Remembering these past posts about Red Ribbon made me miss their cakes. Huhuhu. And I'm here at a far-flung rural town where they don't have a store! Hmmm. Maybe I should ask Rhambo to drive for me and we'll buy one tomorrow at the nearest city. Because guess what? Red Ribbon is making this year's Christmas even sweeter with a chocolatier Black Forest Cake! Yum.

Long before those shala (read: sosyal) caramel cakes and designer fondant cakes were invented, it was Red Ribbon's Black Forest Cake, which graced most families' dining table during special occasions. 
"Red Ribbon has leveled up the chocolatiness of one of its all-time Filipino favorite cakes, the Black Forest Cake. With even more chocolate shavings, chocolate filling, and a chocolatier cake, Red Ribbon’s Black Forest cake can now be enjoyed by both the kids and the kid at heart. And it’s just in time for the holiday season! This mouth-watering cake is perfect to serve during your Noche Buena, making your celebration sweeter and even more special!"
Red Ribbon also released this 3-minute cute animated short entitled Red Ribbon Tale: Si Emman at ang Chocolate Forest. It shows a boy's adventures inside the Chocolate Forest where whimsical characters accompany him as he discovers what makes this Chocolate Forest “special.”

But wait, there's more! You can make your loved ones who live far away feel a chocolatey Christmas the Red Ribbon way by sending them e-cards, which can be downloaded from their official website. Let me know what e-card you sent them. ;)

Website: http://www.redribbonbakeshop.com.ph
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/redribbonbakeshop
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IWantRedRibbon
YouTube: www.youtube.com/redribbonbakeshop

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