31 December 2013

Let's end this year with a bang, here are my favorite royal posts for 2013!

There are far more important things to do than blogging, really. However, as a stay-at-home mom and Army wife, this keeps me sane. Not only did it keep me away from getting crazy with house chores, it also helped me realize the things I am actually capable of. You, my royal readers, made me feel I can become the better version of myself through Bebengisms. Your comments and support have given my blogging journey a whole new meaning. It was the last quarter of this year when I decided to minimize my giveaway and press release posts. It was in the middle of November when I preferred to only be attending blogger events if and only if it's of a brand I really, really like. I got busy this month and totally forgot that I have a blog to maintain. Despite those, intentionally and unintentionally big changes, you queens are still here -- reading my real and royal ramblings. Though I have to admit that I honestly worked hard for whatever status this blog has reached, it wouldn't be as what it is now if it weren't for you. To give back, I have the Royal Reader Giveaway. I asked my husband's help to choose who he thinks has the most royal message among all the entries. I'd be announcing who he chose tomorrow, the next day or the next next day. Promise, it would be announced on the January 2014's first week! 

For now, I'm giving you my favorite royal posts for 2013! Here it goes ---


The post is as long as the title. Hehe. I shared there most of the happy photos of our Baguio experience. LB has not met the My Little Pony girls yet when we went there but sh actually chose a colorful pony that resembles Rainbow Dash.


I'm sure those who personally know me will disagree but I'm not really a materialistic person. I may sound, look or speak maarte but I'm a very, very low-maintenance kind of wife. I love receiving gifts, of course. But on top of all those pretentious love aka expensive stuff, I want, need and prefer time.


My blog's anniversary, LB's moving up day and my father's death anniversary fall on this month but this recipe post is my favorite. Ever since I cooked this for Rhambo and everytime the camp food turns him off, he'd cook this. One of my military wife friends told me her husband liked it, too, when she cooked it one time for lunch. It's not a complicated dish, not the recipe you'd usually Google for; but I shared it anyway 'cause it's something that a wife must at least master in her kitchen. 


LB used this for her Moving-Up Day's presentation and I had a blast doing it! It's actually one of the most "searched" article on my blog according to Blogger's stats. I have a picture in my mind on how it'll look like, but I never thought it'll look this good. It was LB's first performance on stage and was I the proudest!



Probably, one the of the most controversial posts I have ever released on this blog. I'm not sure if you have agreed or disagreed with me on what my stand is as what I have mentioned there, but one thing I am grateful for --- you read it. It may have gotten a loooot of anonymous comments from coward trolls, which I decided not to publish (beecozzz diz iz mayn) but I'm glad to see that it actually gained 12 well-thought, educated, compassionate comments from you, queens! *fist bump*



I'm hoping that 2014 will have more posts like this --- mommy stories from the heart. It's one of those days when a talk with my parenting partner (aka my husband) isn't enough. Looking back from what LB used to be and seeing her now, I guess I'm doing a little okay.



Have I mentioned that I'm blessed to have Rhambo? I know, I know. He is not Captain America kind of super soldier but for this queen, he is more than Steve Rogers. He has a-hole moments, too but judging from some married men I know, I'm proud to say that I caught a big fish. Hehe. I believe that when you start treating yourself like a queen, your husband will think twice before doing anything that only peasants do. Chos. Well, this post doesn't talk about that but it's focused on him and snippets about him.



This was when I wrote about the first (and unfortunately the last hehe) time someone told me I look like Iza Calzado. Hahahaha! I know I'm not differently-looking (read: ugly), but I'm also aware that I'm not as captivating as she is. So to be likened to her is such a big deal! But yes, like what I said on the title, I'm beautiful and I know it. Ang kumontra, magkaka-LBM for the entire 2014. Hihi.



It has a v-log posted on my exact birthday. The sincerest, most real me in this cyber palace. Have you seen it? What can you say? Hihi. I sung, I cried, I made arte. But that's me! No pretensions and just the real and royal Queen B. ♡♡♡♡♡



It was the month after my and LB's birthday that it had the most number of special posts. But I chose this because this was the month we celebrated Rhambo's promotion to Captain. We went to his camp with MIL and his mom saw that her unico hijo who was once her baby boy is now a leader to 100+ men.



Last month was the time I thought I'd say goodbye to all of you. I was slowly losing my blogging mojo, I was aware of that. I got into so many random and unimportant things (such as the Bitsrips app that I uninstalled a few days after I installed it hehe) that I neglected sharing you my kwentos; hence, the title. I can't promise that 2014 will be full of my isms here, but I'd like to let you know that I would still be around --- not as loud as this year though, but we will still make chika.


Hmmm... No favorite post for this month! Instead, I'd like to share with you this video powered and made by Statigram. These are the five best moments of my Queenstagram. First frame showed the first ever photo I posted on Instagram: moi and ze solja boy. It was then followed with my DIY buntings for my Captain, the laing and adobo that I cooked for him, a #selfie (OMG, why?? LOL), a #tbt with Ai-ai Delas Alas and the most liked photo was LB's food table set-up for her school party. It pretty much summed up who I am and what I love doing: DIYs, cooking, working with artistas (trivia: one of my childhood dreams) and doing all that I can to make my daughter happy. These are my Bebengisms.

Thank you for reading and I hope to still see you here 
for a real and royal 2014. Cheers, royalties! ♡♔♡


  1. Happy New Year to Royal-a Famiy! :)

  2. Happy New Year to my favorite blogger. Nakakarelate po ang mga post niyo Ms. Bebeng. God Bless you!