10 December 2013

King & Queen: Year 3

His Caption: Throwback. I love you Denise Redrico Rayala! Happy anniversary beb! 
It's our 3rd wedding anniversary today, Cpt R and I. Sadly, he was not home. Yesterday, I was sick. No, I was sick since Saturday. My joints were aching, I felt terrible I easily cried. I might be PMS-ing. Whatever, we celebrated today our way. And what better way to do so but by posting photos on our social media accounts. I woke up really early than usual waiting for whatever paandar or pasabog he might have for me. Waley. 
Queen B: Tulog ka pa?
King R: May pinost ako sa FB. Hihi.
So that's what he posted! That's it? LOL. Okay, I appreciated it. Infer naman to my solja boy, it was something more than what he usually does. 'Cause he uses Facebook every day but he doesn't regularly post mundane what-nots. However, every time we have this "posting spree", I'm a bit competitive. Har har. So this is what I posted on my Instagram.

My caption: Mapa-sexy, drama, action o rom-com man; hindi maikakailang bagay tayo. Ahihi. #rhambeng
1) Sexy -- Sundutin Mo ang Booger Ko 
2) Drama -- Mahal Kita, Amoy Araw Ka Man 
3) Action -- Sumuko Ka Na, Kumander B 
4) Romantic-Comedy -- Love is Blind
Yup, our relationship, our marriage had experienced different scenarios like that of movie genres. I'm sure you and your husband had at some point, too. There are more actually, like heavy drama and X-rated (hihi), but these are what we call as box-office hits and are for general patronage. ;)

Since today is a very special day, I cooked Pork Pochero for dinner only because I have chorizo. I knooow, that's something else! LB and I went to the nearby market after school and bought pork, pechay, potato, saba and some wet market stuff. I made this extra special as I call this Pork Pochero with Love. Yes, that's a heart-shaped pechay. Sigh. My little kumare and I enjoyed our dinner, which I think would be more special had we spent it with our king. Anyway, he'll be home soon as he promised he'll watch LB's Christmas presentation next week. Yay! And then we'll spend the first part of the holidays at his post. You'll get updates on my IG (@bebengisms), so follow me! ♥♡♥

How about you, royalty? 
Have you celebrated your wedding anniversary without your husband?
How was it like? Share it with us in the comments! 


  1. Happy anniversary! <3 May jinx yata ang wedding anniversaries namin. Either natatapat sa out-of-town na seminar or may takbo ang fire truck. Haha! Ang masaya pag sa out-of-town natapat eh kasama ako :))

    See you after Christmas sa ating barbecue! (And sana makapunta sa bday ni C!)

  2. Awww, that was a sweet post! ;D

  3. Congrats! :) ang cute ng pics niyo haha just shows how cool you both are as a couple - more happy years and more cutie babies to come :)