17 December 2013

I Love the New Coca-Cola Ad

I'm taking a break from my domestic queen duties because I believe that "all work and no blog makes this mama a very dumb girl". Hihi. 

Okay, let's get it on.

I'm sure many of you have seen this new funny family ad by Coca-Cola already. It's trending! It's been shared by many of my mom friends on Facebook. I clicked it, watched it for like more than three times and was smiling with tears at the last part of the vid. I super duper love the dad's reaction towards the end. It'll definitely be my R's reaction if I'd show him a pregnancy kit with a positive sign!

Yup, we want another of Sophia's kind. Maybe, three more? Ooh, that would be so chaotic to have four active, noisy, rowdy kids! But it'll be soooooo much fun, I'm very sure of that. Our house would be filled with love, sweetness and cuteness. I bet Rayala Dialogues will be loaded with stories if that happens. Oh well, perhaps God's plans are better than ours so we just have to wait for His timing. But Lord, I have a deadline po, can we like have kahit one more before I hit 30 next year? Please? Hihi. 

So yes, I love my daughter and I really, really, really want to have more... even if she's messy and whiny, even if I can't poop peacefully, even if my bag's too heavy with her cookie crumbs and complete cast of My Little Pony, even if making love with her father is like being a mistress to my own husband (always sneaking!), and even if I have to stay at home just so I know she is always safe.

Kudos to Santos Buenos Aires in making this new Coke ad. It's just so true for me; when parenting makes my nape ache, I drink Coke (or the local cheaper counterpart hehe).

*For Jeff Beer's article about the ad, click here.

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  1. I remember A's reaction tuloy when we found out about The Little Man. :) Chaotic nga with many kids, but I want more too! :D