26 July 2013

The Kitchen Mistress

mis·tress (/ˈmistris/)
- woman in a position of authority or control: "mistress of the situation"
- woman who is skilled in a particular subject or activity: "a mistress of the sound bite".

I found this photo last night when I was trying to tidy up my laptop's folders, which was actually epic fail. This was during my husband's 27th birthday celebration at his camp last year. I was not mom-blogging yet. I was smoking, if you have noticed the cigarette. That's Marlboro Gold, feeling Carrie Bradshaw in distress. I was cooking Pancit Bihon for the troops' boodle fight. I also cooked my very first Kalderetang Kambing, which was the star of party, aside from the birthday boy and the two Lechong Baboy. My hair was still rebonded then. A lot has changed since this photo was taken. But one thing has not, apart from the extra pounds my wonderful body has, I still love cooking --- especially if it's for my Army kind of guy. ♔


  1. I remember this sa amin pag fiesta!!! Hay imiss my hometown tuloy

  2. Ikaw na talaga Miss Denise! Sa dami ng responsibilities mo, nagagawa mo pa rin talaga magluto. Poor me! Di talaga ako biniyayaan ng talent sa pagluluto. Imagine, last week, I cooked pork adobo. My husband said "Mommy, ansarap ng lechong paksiw!" Oh di ba, napagkamalan pang lechong paksiw. At least masarap daw. ;)

    1. Uy that's bongga nga eh if naisip na lechon paksiw yung adobo mo. Mas mahirap kaya gawin yun. :)