20 July 2013

Her First Film in the Movie House: Despicable Me 2

Technically, my preschooler's first movie on a big screen was Barbie in the Pink Shoes at SM Skydome few months ago. For those who haven't been to Skydome, it's a venue for events; it's not a dark movie theater with comfortable seats. The special movie screening happened in the middle of the afternoon so the daylight roofs of the place didn't make the ambiance dark and we only sat on monobloc chairs. But the girl enjoyed it. She was focused on the dancing Kristin Farraday the whole duration of the film. She only got a little finicky when she was asking for food and I got none. My bad. So, when I told my husband there were two movies coming out at the theaters apt for our daughter, we decided that it's time for us to make her experience the real thing.

We waited this long because we would like to see her window to readiness open first. Monsters University premiered June 29 but Rhambo couldn't come home yet. We want this to be a family event. So we let MU passed by  and I also convinced him that we would watch Despicable Me 2 instead, which premiered on July 3, 'cause I think it's funnier than Monsters U. LB and I watched both of the trailers on YouTube and we both laughed. We instantly loved DM2. So, DM2 it is. Rhambo was curious to still see MU though, so I guess we will wait for a good DVD copy and watch it at home with our princess.

Rhambo asked for sour cream-flavored french fries and I bought a large bucket of buttered-flavored popcorn. The girl chose cheese but cheese stains on shirts, you know. Well, LB munched on her pop's french fries. Next time, I'd choose what she really likes. Hehe. I'm an uptight mom or what? When the trailers of the "next attraction" movies were being shown, I can see the excitement in her eyes. It got dark, colder and the movie started. She was intently staring at it, smiling at once then started to fuss on her seat. Jeez. I remember telling her about what to expect on our way to the mall so I was wondering why she was like that. She transferred seats, stood up, peeked at the people seated in front of us, etc. She then sat at the other side of her pop, rested her head to his shoulder for a while and went back to her fidgety ways. It sounded as if she didn't enjoy but she did, actually. She loved the minions. Especially the scene on the credits. She laughed hysterically during and after that. The minions are crazily funny! Haha. We enjoyed it, too despite some distractions by ze prinzezz. 
Rhambo, a very involved parent regardless of him being away most of the time, realized that we should have sat on the seats LB preferred (read: 6th row from the screen).  We didn't choose it 'cause it's too near and thought we won't enjoy so we went to the seats where most adults go to --- right smacked in the middle. We were wrong. It was like there were blockage in front of her that she could not focus on watching the film. Hence, the unnecessary interruptions.

It was our first so definitely, there were few "lessons" learned. It was a fun movie though that I can't wait to watch it again with her here at home. And I will really take note of the lessons the next time --- when it's her movie, it has to be her choices. Do you agree? ♔

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  1. When our daughter watched her first movie in the movie house, we sat siguro 8th row... ayyyy...di nya bet. She went to the first row and had the time of her life watching Ice Age from there... medyo sumakit lang ulo ko sa lapit. Wahehehe. :-) pero most likely dahil siguro nga ayaw nya ng balakid kaya dun sya pumuwesto. We got her cheese popcorn, ayun, orange na yung damit nya paglabas. Hehe.

    We watched in Greenbelt 1 though, the lumang wing of Greenbelt hehe. Mas mura kasi sine dun! And in fairness they had booster seats for kids. Hindi lang bet upuan ng little girl ko that time pero it was super helpful. Sana lahat ng sinehan may ganun.