04 July 2013

Rayala Dialogues: Remote Control 101

So it's LB's first absence from school today. She has colds; she slept so late and when I leaned over to kiss her, I felt her warm body. Uh-oh, the preschool diva has a fever. I felt sad because I didn't see it coming. Oh well, she's taking new vitamins and she actually has turned to have better appetite because of it, but colds are colds. I haven't make her take meds yet because I don't feel like she needs it. Fluids galore and fresh OJ were her fever warriors. 

What makes her fever ironically helpful to me was she's not all over the house and she's extra cuddly. We were on the couch, snuggled, when she wanted to switch channels. I told her she has to switch it on her own 'cause my hands are hugging her. This is how our conversation went ---
LB: Nanay, I don't know how.
B: O sige, get the remote. I'll teach you.
LB: Eeeh. You lang.
B: I can't eh, I'm hugging you.
LB: Okay, what number?
B: What channel ba?
LB: Meekolow-deeyon.
B: That's 45. Four then five. Mabilis ha. After 4, 5 agad.
LB: (not doing it actually) How about Disney Junior?
B: 38, three and then?
LB: Eight! How about Disney Channauhl? (yes, that's not a typo, that's the way she pronounced it hehe)
B: Ayan oh, that's Disney Channel na. What number is that? Four and then?
LB: Ahh, seven? 
B: Correct. O sige na, you do it na.
LB: Wait, how about Cartoon Network?
B: Wala. Walang number yun diyan. (stood up and walked towards the kitchen)
LB: Huh?! Nanaaaaaay! 
HAHAHA. Sorry baby, Nanay is your "magulang".

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  1. hahaha ganyan din ako sa anak ko...na imagine ko din tuloy ng nagtuturuan kami mag nanay..at ngayon browse nya lahat ng channel until makapunta sya sa Nick channel o Disney.. mabagal din minsan mag click sa remote kaya minsan tinotopak mali kasi napupuntahan..ako na lang daw mag click.. :)

  2. Ang kuleeet! Hahaha! Naku, naiimagine ko na yung 15-month old boy ko paglaki nya. Kids can be so makulit. But they have their own way para imbis na mainis ka eh matatawa ka na lang sa kakulitan nila. :)

  3. hahaha! Naiisip ko tuloy pano na paglaki ng baby ko lalo pa ngayon na natututo na sya maglipat ng channel. Kids can be very "mautak" minsan. Dadaanin ka sa kwento at sa lambing pero ang cute pa rin :)

  4. "How about Disney Channauhl?" - so cute! I guess I'm one of the few that doesn't have cable so it's more like battle of the DVD's with my toddler, she has me changing them after a few minutes, hayay-yay!

  5. haha. may balak pang makalusot na makapanood ng CN kahit bawal. Mga cartoons kasi dun minsan masyadong violent

  6. Awwww ang cute! Nakakamiss tuloy nung maliit pa ang son ko and he had to ask for help pa with the remote. Now super kaagaw ko na sya talaga kasi big boy na sya.

    Xo Patty

  7. Apiiir, muther! Bawal nadin ang cartoon network sa house nmin. Actually, bawal na manood ng tv ang bagets lalo na during weekdays. Ang tanging channel lng na pwede is history. Pag weekends, nakakalusot lalo na pag nasa lolo at lola.

  8. Waaaah! I can hear my son asking the same Q like ten times! I think I have to get ready with this. Haha! Nice one LB.