24 July 2013

A Mom's Life: 26/48

I only have one child to take care of every day and I feel that I'm already a superwoman. So I know how moms of two or more feel like every.single.day of their life; most especially if they are SAHMs like me. But what people do not know is that more children means more love. I'm sure my 26th AML mom will agree. She has four wonderful children, including a pretty princess I met in person during the BlueWater Day Spa's promo launch last month. I know I don't need a very long introduction for this mom blogger extraordinaire as she was already blogging before it was cool. Her blog, Make or Break, bagged the Best Family and Living Blog award from The Philippine Blog Awards in 2009. 

NAME: Pehpot Pineda

AGE: 30ish

CHILDREN, AGE: Mahat 9, Marco 8, Chico 5, Princess Sati 3


FAVORITE OUTFIT: shorts and blouse or anything that won’t show my not yet 120lbs body hahaha

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: lipstick! (waves at my lipstick blog,www.mypaintedlips.com)

HOBBIES: Screaming.. if you can call that a hobby haha but seriously, writing is what I considered my hobby and oh, arts and crafts too! 

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Fast 6 / current read>>> school text books!

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: washing and folding the laundry 

GUILTY PLEASURE: Wigs, cosmetics, ukay ukay and weird shoes haha.

Queen B says: Aww. I miss going to ukay-ukay stores! I used to go weekly when I was still a work away from home mom.

PET PEEVE: Cars throwing their trash on the road. Arg! Sarap ipakain ng kalat nila sa kanila.

2013 GOAL: 120lbs!

Queen B says: My goal, too, I think for the height that we have, muther! But not sure if I can this year. Haha! I'm sure you can though. Makapag-Clium na nga din. ;)
DREAM FOR YOUR CHILDREN: I want to say I want one of them to be a doctor, a lawyer and so on... but more than having a successful career, my dream for my kids is for them to find happiness and contentment to whatever they do... and of course for them to grow up a happy, generous and compassionate human beings. 

Queen B says: Mommy Peh, you are one of the supermoms I look up to, because I know it's not easy to have four children under your wings; just like what my mom used to. But look at you, you're doing an amazing job! Thank you for being a part of my AML moms. Cheers! See you around. Mwah! ♔


  1. Hubby and I grew up with just a sibling each. Masaya naman pero parang kulang sa ingay. Hehe! Sana maging sing-bongga ko si Mommy Pehpot pag naabot na namin yung aming target na 4 kids! :) Sana kayanin ng powers ko. Hihihi!

    1. Muter hindi ako ganyan ka bongga nung 3 kids pa lang LOL kung hindi siguro ako nagkaroon ng bebe girl eh losyang mode ako hanggang ngayon haha

  2. Wow! Hands up to you Mommy Pehpot dahil 2 kids pa lang ako, knock out na beauty ko. And though I have that less than 120lbs you're dreaming of, I have a not-so-120lbs mommy pouch. haha.

    And I look up to you too, super mommy blogger :)

    1. eh if you have a less than 120lb body pero you have a not so 120lbs mommy pouch, imagine mo naman ako! haha parang globo sa laki ang mommy pouch hehehe

  3. aww thanks so much Denise..and hopefull makamit natin ang minimithi nating 120lbs LOL

    1. Yizzz. 10 pounds to lose pa ako. :(

  4. OMG!!!! I have 5 kids na hahaha

    and still dreaming for 120lbs!