22 July 2013


I pretty much introduced to you who my husband is since I started this blog, right. I guess if you are a loyal reader, which means you follow me on all of my social media accounts, you most probably have an idea of how he is a person. Yes, he is a military officer. He can be stern and serious and a hell snob of a guy but he really is fun to be with. *it sounded like a sales pitch lol*. Well, I wouldn't marry a nerd rock, just so to convince you. Hehehe. OK, to "support" that statement, I have gathered some of his virtual/visual thoughts --- his isms on his own cyberlandia.

He is a 9Gag fanatic. One day he was home, LB and I started singing Rihanna's Diamonds, so he sung it with us, in this lyrics --- in repetition.

Annoying! Perfectly annoying. But when I saw that he posted this on Facebook, it got me laughing real hard. Bentang-benta. Here's another one. I think it finally dawned on him that his wife will never be as brave as those ladies he met in the Academy, that a single crawling creature can make my world go upside down.

I scream to my diaphragm's delight whenever there's a flying roach. Enough said. Well, he's not all kalokohan all the time. There are times he can be senti or he makes fatherhood seems easy; because we both know he will have a hard time when LB starts entertaining suitors. 

Is that too much? Sorry LB, we don't care if you will hate us but we have an additional rule: no movie dates until you finish college! Unless you will tag us along. Hehe. *high five, Tatay!* And because he's doing a good job despite being away most of the time, this was my Father's Day gift.

I don't know if he finished this already. I hope I can get to read it before the movie adaptation's premiere on cinemas. Hellooooo, isang jebs ko lang sa CR, tapos ko yan. Hehe. I also gave him this, because I know that he truly, madly, deeply likes this design when I told him about Threadless a year ago. 
Uhuh, Tito Rhambo in his late 20s is now wearing glasses with a double chin. Hahaha! 

There, that's Ser Chip, er --- Rhambo and his isms in photos. Next time, if there's really one topic that I'd like to share with you that involves something he's good at, I will make him write it. Naku, matindi kapalit nun. So I have to prepare. Hihi. I love you, my Army kind of guy. Come home and magpagulong-gulong tayo sa gabundok kong labahin. :*

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