11 July 2013

A Mom's Life: 24/48

When I started to breathe blogging, I have started to introduce myself to the world (naks, as if ang dami kong readers hehe). Kidding aside, I really did let the blogosphere learned a thing or two about me. I even bragged about who my husband is (why ba, for me he's the hottest aside from Channing eh lol) and yes, I'm such a freaking stage mother of my preschooler. One day, I got a private message asking if I know a certain woman whose last name is Rayala. Ooh, I got excited so I immediately asked my husband about it but unfortunately, my Army kind of guy didn't know. And, I didn't know, too that the person who asked me is a mom blogger as well. It was Peachy, the architect mom behind she.is.also.an.architect. It was in Mommy Fleur's blog that I got to know a bit about her. They are besties; used to be office colleagues now BFFs. She was one of the reasons why I got jealous/sad that I didn't make it to TSN's first anniversary sparty. She and Em of Akira and Everything Nice were there. I wanted to meet them in person. But yeah I was sick then, I guess in future events, I will. Or perhaps, when I need some mommy advice for my kikay girl (as she has two pretty teeners already), we can have coffee in Starbucks in Marquinton. Lol. The nearest I could go to. Sahree. Anywaaaay, here are the quick fun facts about our 24th AML

NAME: Peachy Bautista-Ramos

AGE: 47 

CHILDREN, AGES: Kirsten 18, Jillian 14

OCCUPATION: SAHM/Domestic Manager/Licensed Architect

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Tee, jeans & flats

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: none, 'bare-face' is the way to go for me

HOBBIES: Interior styling, looking around home stores, & browsing interior or architecture websites

CURRENT READ/WATCH: 'Healthy at Home' by Yummy Mag 

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: cleaning the house

GUILTY PLEASURE: spa indulgences

PET PEEVE: Latecomers, people who abuse others' kindness.

Queen B says: I never went to school too early when I was in higschool! So I never learned a lot about Math and Science subjects, which were usually the first class. Hehe. But when I became a mom, I started to hate those who seem to have no respect for other people's time by being horrendously late. I mean, moms need more than 24 hours then someone will just waste it? 

2013 GOAL: Be fit & healthy.

Queen B says: Same here, Peachy! I saw your anti-gravity yoga photos on IG and I so envied you. Very Gretchen Barretto. Haha! I really wanted to at least be able to exercise, on a regular basis. We can do this! ;) 

Queen B says: Hey there, my dear Arki Mom, thank you for being one of my AML moms. Like what I said on one of your posts, I just find it so astig that within every story you share, the architect in you always shows. When I have donya house na, I hope I could go to you to consult... for free. Haha! Seriously, let's make chika on that planned date next month. Mwah! ♔

Blog: http://arkimom.blogspot.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SheisalsoanArchitect/240637462685721
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/arkimom/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/arki_mom/


  1. Hugs back to you, Denise!

    Thanks for this feature. You don't know how much this means to me. =)

    Available ako for anything to spruce up your place. Type ko yang shopping for home decors/furnishings. ;)

    See you soon! =)

  2. I used to be a latecomer too. But not late, late. Mejo late lang. lol.