09 July 2013

3rd Babypalooza Bazaar

Hey mommas and poppas who have been here on my blog since Babypalooza Bazaar 1, it's their 3rd wave already! Yes, same thing --- pre-loved and brand-new baby items. But this time, more and more sellers have signed up, and it will only happen on ONE DAY. So make sure you're early to catch the biggest worms --- er --- best strollers and stuff parents like us would love to see on super discounted amount.

The good thing about Babypalooza is they have what they call as Babypalooza Vendor Protection Program or VPP. This is to ensure that no two vendors of brand new items will be selling the exact same thing. It also has Special Function Areas that will be designated for the following: breastfeeding & diaper changing area, children’s play zone and the Daddy Lounge. Isn't that awesome? Here's more to love about this bazaar --- FREE parking and entrance! ♥

I'll be posting the giveaway sponsored by My Study Partner's Play and Learn Center for Toddlers around July 25th so kindly stay tuned. ♔

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  1. denise, are they selling only baby things? i want to go to that bazaar kse.

    1. Peachy! Meron din yan pre-loved na pang-mudjay for sure. Dati nagtinda sila Mommy Fleur and TSN eh. Tsaka mga kung anik-anik. But mostly, pangbagets. :)

    2. Hi Peachy,
      Denise is right, we have several vendors who'll be selling items for moms (and dads), not only pre-loved but brand new stuff as well. So you'll have fun shopping for yourself and for your kid/s. Hope to meet you in August!!! :)