15 July 2013

Make Time for Your Blog

This is an official entry to Dainty Mom's guest post challenge, on "How to Find the Time to Write or Blog."

~ ♔ ~

*clears throat* That's Bebengisms, the cyber palace, insinuating I should make time for her. Haha! I've been on intentional hiatus because I got a bit busy preparing the real-life leased palace for my king's 2 1/2-day homecoming. Oh well, I am now doing my best to make it up to her; hence, this post. 

Here are my three basic tips on how to find the time to blog. 

1. Bookmark Blogger or Wordpress dashboard on laptop or don't put laptop on its case.

The more visible, the better. It will remind you that you have a blog. It's a big sticky note that you have readers waiting for your next update. It can woo you to sit down, face the mean machine and bleed words. Whatever you blog in there, it's all up to you. After all, it's YOURS. 

2. Re-read your most favorite post you have ever written.

If you've been constantly blogging but suddenly lost your groove because you got caught up on something, one of the best ways to rehabilitate is to re-read your own blog. Find that one special post you are most proud of. Gradually, eventually, you are one badass blogger again.

3. Make no excuses.

If you can crush candies or like as many shared memes or post photos of your food's different angles, then by all means, you have the time to write. Dedicate at least 30 minutes of your day for your precious cyber kingdom. Like what Bebengisms insinuated, if it matters to you, you will make time for it --- no buts, no what ifs. 

There. I hope you'd find these three tips helpful. It's as easy as frying scrambled eggs, but even great cooks fail if they don't follow the correct steps to do it. Enough with eggs, it's making me hungry. Hehe. Well, as for this post, I made sure my daughter's full, clean and resting (yes, not yet sleeping) then I tidied up my kitchen before beating the deadline (which is almost 2 hours from now). See, if you want something to happen, you will find all the means to make it really happen. And I just did. It made me proud and happy. Keep calm and blog on! 


  1. I CAN'T!!! huhuhu **hides inside the closet, hugs my knees and rocks myself while crying**

    Spanish Pinay

  2. Oo nga nmn , tatandaan ko yan :)

  3. thanks for these helpful tips, denise.

    you're right. its so hard to get your blogging groove back if you get busy with domestic & mommy concerns. dapat talaga lagi mong nakikita yung laptop mo to remind you to update your posts.

    i admire you nga for being 'masipag' sa pag-update mo ng posts. keep up the good work, muther!

    1. Thanks, Peachy! Pero minsan may tamad streak din ako. Hehe. :)

  4. I feel like I'm in that haitus stage forever lalo na everytime I see Nanay's name on the labels. Ako na, ako na ang hindi makamove on. :|

    1. :( Great avenue nga ang blog mo para makamove-on ka. Try to vent it all out on your blog. Kaya mo yan muther! :)

  5. i have a whole lot of pending reviews and personal posts. I need to do this.:(

  6. Great tips! Di bale na maalikabukan ang laptop basta magamit, sayang din pagbili. :-P I have yet to find out which post of mine I like the most. Hehe!