29 July 2013

Hours Spent with Friends

Finally, a day with familiar people without having to call the attention of my active preschooler. See, I only get a day off when I attend bloggers events; and it's just a few hours, not totally a DAY off. Attending such also means you get to meet new faces. It's an exciting experience, I tell you. But sometimes, it can get pretty tiring, too --- putting your best non-fake smile, introducing yourself without brag and air and what, English galore. Hahahaha! It's not that I'm poor in speaking the language, it's just that there are times, I don't have much baon, you know. It expires. Hihi. 
My two sets of college friends: photo above was in 2010, photo below was shot April this year.
OK, just a backgrounder: I have 2 sets of college friends. The first set is an all-girl group --- 3 moms, 1 getting married and 1 single but attached. The second set consists of single boys, a single girl, two moms and a gay.
SATURDAY. 12 PM TO 4 PM-ish.

I went to J's house to see the new Chucklet (definition: a little Chaka girl). History: We were called Chaka Girls by a gay classmate, who is now my friend, belonging to the 2nd set. We were professors' pets, Dean's Listers and grade-conscious bitches kasi, so it irritated them. Hehe. And we live up to that label na lang instead of sulking in sorrow. We reinvented it though, changed it to Chuck-Az; hence, our minis are called Chucklets! J gave birth to a preemie Avisha so we never had a real baby shower for her so we just decided to have a welcome party of sorts instead. Well, I got a bit lost going to their place (I blame the taxi driver who was so sungit and full of nega vibes! I didn't give him a tip noh) but I was the first to arrive. I didn't wait for P and E 'cause I was already starving. Great thing J's husband prepared a feast!

While P and E were on a diet, avoiding carbs and sweets, I ate like a man. 

Looks konti? Nope! Naka-three servings yata ako, J gave us pabalot pa. Hehe. Very motherly na. I just love that if we used to talk about boys, grades and dramas, it's now about babies, men and getting old. Haha. Nobody wants to be 30 yet. Jusko, I'll be 29 na in September and I'm looking at the sides of my eyes na. Anywaaay, I talked chatted like crazy again, as usual. But I also made lamog my inaanak Raine and scaring-ly held the fragile Avisha. 

We also got to talk about the upcoming wedding of our Baguio-based friend, D. We also made her our pulutan. D, if you are reading this, we had a blast! Bwahahahaha! Yan ang hirap 'pag absent, napapag-usapan. Kaya I always try my best to always be there, ayokong nahuhuli sa chika. Lol. Well, mainis man kami sa isa't-isa, obvious man or sa loob-loob lang namin, one thing will always remain, we're friends. Pak. 

4 PM-ish to 6:30 PM.

I was supposed to host a simple salu-salo here at home over Monopoly Deal for my 2nd set of friends but unfortunately, our balbas-sarado friend, who works in GMA-7, had dengue. :( M, who works in TV5 naman, told me that we visit him na lang in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital. So instead of laing, lechon manok and rice that we were supposed to have that night, it was cold pizza. This time, I was the only one who made daldal. I was with two boys who are matipid with chika. Bitin pa mag-kwento. Hehe. On the way home though, M and I talked a bit. He said he was dreaming of us friends having coffee in another country. Oh 'di ba, magkakape lang sa ibang bansa pa! Sana manalo ako sa Lotto para magkatotoo yun. Pero dapat, tumaya muna ako. Ano sa tingin niyo?

6:30 PM to 8 PM.

Traveled home like crazy. Long distance commuting is one thing I'm thankful for I don't do anymore, since I became a SAHM. I promised pasalubong for LB so I bought her donuts from Go Nuts.

I arrived at MIL's house and saw my baby love sleeping, probably got tired waiting for me. They even called me up while I was on travel; MIL said LB was making drama she misses me daw. And when she woke up, this is what happened ---
B: Hi, 'nak! I'm here na.
LB: You're lost. Don't go anywhere, Nay.
B: I was with my friends.
LB: I need you, Nay.
Ooh. Made me think, do my friends ever need me? Hashtag emo. Hehe. Whatever they have in mind, I'm blessed to have given hours to spend with them. I really needed a day off.

~ ♔ ~
ME AS A FRIEND. The first to notice if you have done a bad thing. Frank, always almost tactless. Can hurt you with the truth. But here's what I'm proud of: I'm always the first to defend you from anyone who could hurt you. Your enemy is my enemy, too. Would you like to be friends with someone like me?

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  1. Pag dialogue talaga ng mga anak noh, nkakatunaw! hayzzz.... parang feeling guilty always,,hehehe....