21 July 2013

The Pimple Under the Skin (Plus Moringa-O2 Toner Review)

When I was younger, so much younger than today (yes, it's a song! lol), I never had problems with pimples. As in, I only get to have one once in a month when I'm PMS-ing. But hey, my hormones changed when I became a mom. I get my pimples one time big time! Sometimes, it's even too mysterious, it hides under my epidermis. I abhor the feeling as much as how it looks. It throbs so crazy like someone's drilling from the inside. On the outside, it looks horrible. It's a giant pus-filled red mountain of sorts. Sorry. Heehee. I just really need to describe. Hey, you want a picture? This.

Ouch, right?

After three days of still having this big pain in the ass nose, I Googled tips on how to remove it. Some worked, some didn't. Please remember that it all depends on the type of your skin. Mine's normal to combination (oily on the t-zone, dry on the rest). So to those who might have this once in a lifetime pimple experience in the future, here are what I did (in order and every night until it heals), Ihope it'd work for you, too:

1. Wash. Use a hypoallergenic facial wash or something as gentle as Cetaphil. Those with alcohol-content might worsen the already bad situation. Pat dry with a soft towel. Be cautious not to put too much pressure on the affected area. If you can, avoid touching it. 
2. Steam. Boil a cup of water with salt on a casserole. Put off the stove. Open the casserole and face it. Make a tent out of your bath towel or blanket. Let the steam reach your face. Make sure it won't burn it. Re-boil if it gets cool. Do this for at least 10 minutes. Alternative: dip a face towel and once cooler, place it on the affected area. 
3. Citrus. Cut lemon/lime/calamansi and juice it out on a bowl. Dab cotton swabs and apply it on the monstrous pimple under your skin. Let it dry for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water. 
4. Tone. I used Moringa-O2 Herbal Facial Toner. Unlike most of the toners in the market, it doesn't have alcohol. So it doesn't sting and it's gentle enough for the sensitive throbbing hidden pimple. 

Source: Moringa-O2's Facebook page
5. Moisturize. It may be our aim  to dry up the pimple as to make it come out but the rest of your skin still needs moisturizing.

6. Cure. Some said used salicylic acid and the like. But I used my daughter's ointment when she had lesions. It's meant to dry it up.

7. Pray. Aside from taking lots of fluids (read: water and juices) and having a restful sleep at night, it's important to pray for it. I mean, I know it sounded shallow praying for something like this. But I did! Because it's causing me to feel so bad about myself. I know real beauty must come from within, but I don't feel any good when I am cursed with that kind of pimple. Hehe.
It left a dark pigment on my nose but it's nothing compared to those I've seen on the net, which has a deep scar because the victims tried to pop it. There is nothing to pop. Please don't do that. If these steps failed, it's best to consult a dermatologist as soon as possible. 
Have you ever experienced having a pimple under the skin? Please share the things you did to make it go back to pimple-dom. ♔

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  1. i have the same problem today which i wont leave the house because of today :-(