04 July 2013

A Mom's Life: 23/48

I know, I know. Some of you might be wondering why I am not actually updating this portion on a Wednesday lately. Well, this is the second time pa lang naman that I am posting it late. And today kasi, my daughter's not feeling that well. But I am still up for the challenge I made for myself --- feature fabulous moms each week. So here's my 23rd AML issue.

~ ♔ ~

I chose this vibrant mom because her contagious smile (though I haven't seen personally) has been changed with tears and sorrowful sobs the past week. Her grandmother died. From my speculations (I was not nosy enough to ask about it though), she was very close to her "Nanay". And I thought this quark of a blog in the cyber space might lift her spirits up. This won't guarantee that she would move on from bereavement, but like what my mission is for AML, I hope this would give her that special something she needs when a hug or a pat in the back isn't enough.

Em and her Nanay's hand. (grabbed from her Facebook with her permission)
Mommy Myra or Em, as she is fondly called by many fellow bloggers, and I virtually met through Mommy Fleur or TSN's blog. I was not sure when but she started commenting on my blog and I eventually found her blog, too. But it was on Instagram and Facebook that we usually have exchange of comments (or chikas). I actually invited her to come with me when the organizers behind CCM International Philippines' Champs Vitamins invited me to their exclusive mommy bloggers' event. Unfortunately, we both didn't make it. But I hope there will be more events that I could finally meet all my cyber mommy friends, including her!

NAME: Myra Michelle Nunez-Tiquio

AGE: 30

CHILD, AGE: Akira, 3 years old

OCCUPATION: Owner of M+K=a, Bum-washer & Boogie-picker of Akira

FAVORITE OUTFIT: Pambahay: air cool tank top and air cool shorts (mas madaming butas, mas presko!) 
Pang-alis: Vneck shirts, shorts and flats

MUST-HAVE BEAUTY COSMETIC: Ano yun? Chos. Pigeon powder & Chapstick lipgloss lang. Feeling high school 

HOBBIES: Blog hopping/ Watching TV series

CURRENT READ/WATCH: Reading: 48 Laws of Power; Waiting for the available download of Dexter Season 8 & Homeland 2

FAVORITE DOMESTIC DUTY: Anything that involves water - Washing the dishes, doing the laundry and cleaning the bathroom

Queen B says: Hulaan ko muther, mermaid ka sa past life mo. Hihi. Or hindi kaya tubero sa Maynilad?

GUILTY PLEASURE: Watching tv series till 4am while munching on chips and sweets.. which I am unable to do anymore 

PET PEEVE: Superficial and Materialistic people. Those who don't respect other people's time.. errr, Hello! Late comers. And those who don't know how to take care of things.

Queen B says: I don't like those "who don't respect other people's time", too. Especially, if I'm the one who called the shots or scheduled the time, I'm not good in waiting in vain. Hehe.

2013 GOAL: To be able to study and then eventually invest in stocks before the year ends. Naks! 

Queen B says: Teka, stocks na ba ang usapan? I can't react. I can't comprehend. Hahaha! True nga, housewife lang talaga ako. Next please. 

Queen B says: Ayan Emilia (sorry muther, favorite kong pastime yan; ang magimbento ng names derived from what you originally have haha), I hope kahit papano, I made you smile. Or at least I have given your groove back. You're right, everything happens for a reason. Kaya kinuha na si Nanay ni Lord, 'cause she's needed na there. God needs another beautiful soul in Heaven. God bless your family! And thank you for allowing me to feature you and your family here. Mwah! 


  1. Aaaaw. Super thanks, muther! :) Your post sure did give a smile on my face.

    Yes, muther, dati akong mermaid, that's why anything that doesn't involve water, nasisira ko. Fyi. Mahilig din akong magsunog.. ng uniform (lagot n nmn ako nito kay Khan!) at ng sinaing. Yes! Pati kanin sa rice cooker, nasusunog ko din :)

  2. Malaman ung post mo at something na may matutunan kaw :)