08 April 2014

Dasoland Family Adventure Park's Mini Zoo

In my previous post, I showed you photos of what you can see and do at Dasoland Family Adventure Park located in Barangay San Vicente Dasol, Pangasinan. I said that the Mini Zoo photos will be on a separate post because for me, it was the highlight of our trip. You know, a ram ran after us! LOL.

What I like most about this zoo is that you can get to interact with some of the animals. The zookeeper actually thought I wanted to hold the snake! I shrieked, no, I wailed so loud it made the birds fly.

Oh, the birds! There were so many chickens and doves. Hihi. Well, the doves made pasikat their stunts naman so I'm okay with that. I love the peacocks and flamingos! The flamingos are breathtaking. I think we stayed there for about 20 minutes, just staring at their beauty.

My little silly girl, on the other hand, enjoyed posing with the animal statues. She was fantastically funny! I think she really had fun in the zoo, too, like Nanay.

Remember the big and beautiful stallion that overwhelmed my girl in the previous post? He was at his room relaxing like a boss but his buddies were at the zoo, eating some dry grass! Hehe. There were monkeys and camels and bear cats, too.

Oops. I bet you're waiting for the photo of the ram that ran after us. Ta-da! That sheep was just outside of the cage and when she heard my crazy goat sound (yup, that meh thing), she made sugod like a legal wife would do when she sees the mistress. I pronounced "sheep, sheep, sheep" in short e when I saw her coming to us. Hahaha! ;)

For more information about Dasoland's Mini Zoo, look for it in their website: http://tour.dasolandresort.com/


  1. Ang ganda!!! :) Perhaps that's something we can do this summer :)

    1. I'm sure Timmy would enjoy there, Toni! Daming animals. :)