07 April 2014

Our Dasoland Adventure

It's summer! And what else should we do this season but go out, have fun and do things with the fam bam. Right? Heeeep, our financial mom-nager instinct is telling us to stay, try to have fun and just watch movies with the kids at home. Although it's a picturesque idea to book a hotel on a beach front so you could sip your expensive fruit shake while watching your already-tanned children build their sand castles, you honestly know it will break your and your husband's bank account should you do that unplanned.

So when unplanned trips happen, we savor it.

Sophia and I usually spend the holidays with my husband R at the camp. One sunny day in December, bored and armed with some extra cash from the Christmas budget, we drove to Dasol, Pangasinan and explored the non-mainstream theme park situated in a vast and remote mango plantation in Barangay San Vicente that is the Dasoland Adventure Park

R researched for places that we could go to while we were on our vacay with him. Being a hands-on father and a child at heart, he told us about this park. I did my own research, too as a mom and blogger! Of course, I depended on blog posts so I could read on real people's experiences. Unfortunately, there weren't a lot. I took the risk with my two babes and went there after all. We arrived at the place in the afternoon, around 2pm. The receptionist claimed that that day was one of their peak days but I don't know why, I didn't see a lot of people. I just thought, "hey, the park's a part of the 408-hectare mango plantation, so maybe the rest of the guests were scattered all over the place". I was right! There were two families occupying the swimming pools but the entire theme park was unattended. To be honest, I found it awesome as my family and I can enjoy everything that the place has to offer without sharing it with anybody. And well, I think it's nice not to have photobombers in our pictures, noh? So here are the photos of our Dasoland adventure.

We paid Php249 each at the reception area, were given a map then eventually were allowed to park our car inside, under a healthy mango tree. I personally enjoyed going around the zoo since there were a lot of animals and no other visitors but us. So I took lots of photos, which I'd like to let you see on a separate post. Just a side kwento, there was a ram (not my husband, an actual brown breed of sheep) strolling outside its cage. Being the crazy me, I made a goat sound insanely and it ran after us! See, rams love to ran after me. *pun intended* Hahahahaha!

Anyway – our first stop was the Mini-Golf Area. The rental fee for each golf club costs Php75. 

We also got to visit the Butterfly Garden, which sadly has around 10 black butterflies only, the Cactus House that has cacti of course, the Ifugao Village cum Flower Garden (or bougainvillea garden hehe), the Santa Claus Village which is quite dusty but really has interesting finds and the Nativity Scenes that surprisingly educated my Bible-challenged husband. He read the tablets mounted on the wall of each scene that describes it while I took photos and our girl wandering around.

The museum that houses the Jimenez's private collection was closed during our visit because according to the manager, it was undergoing a renovation. We also didn't have the chance to look inside the villas. Or rather, we decided not to as it's getting dark and scary already. Haha! 

My energetic preschooler who was getting tired and bored eventually had fun riding the pony for a photo op since the stallion kinda overwhelmed her and us, too! It's so big and beautiful! Too big for a 5-year old, as a matter of fact. So, good thing Sophia settled for a quick photo sesh with the cute pony instead. We then passed by the swimming pools to just actually take a look. The trip was unplanned, remember? So no swimsuits! 

She was ecstatic the whole tour 'cause she was so looking forward to playing in one of the biggest playgrounds she has ever seen. My husband and I were happy, too 'cause we can finally have our rest while munching on our packed cookies and banana bread. We wanted to eat in the theme park's canteen but having no menu displayed and the sad vibe inside, we decided to look for another place outside.

I understand that Dasoland is located in the farthest forest-like community in Barangay Vicente in Dasol, Pangasinan that it really looks innocent and untouched. But I guess, a little more tending in the dry grass spread will give the park a more welcoming aura. However, R, who always notices security in almost all the places we went to, liked that there was a security guard roving around in his motorcycle making sure the guests are safe and not getting lost. I also like that there's a clinic near the entrance and a well-maintained souvenir shop. The Php249 day tour fee was worth it. If you'll be visiting the park this summer, don't forget to put on sunscreen, wear shades and bring an umbrella! ♡

For more information about Dasoland Adventure Park, visit their website - click here.

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  1. the place was nice talaga and affordable! I hope I can visit there soon kaya lang mejo matatagalan pa at masyadong maliit pa ang baby ko! Hehe. :)