10 April 2014

Finally, a movie date after three years!

OK. Forgive me for some virtual flirting today, but I have a confession to make. I'm in-love with another man, another soldier, another captain! Oh yes, of course, the photo says it all. It's Steve Rogers aka Captain America! Gosh Chris Evans, you don't know what my husband and I went through to watch your movie. Really.

It was a Saturday and we were supposed to welcome some friends here at home for a dinner get-together. Unfortunately, I canceled it hours prior the scheduled time. Cpt R and I had a petty fight. Thinking about it, it literally makes me LOL. It's so petty and juvenile and kinda weird. But hey, I cried ha! I'm such a crybaby eh, I shed tears over the littlest things. Anyway, we were supposed to be on a Johnson's event in the morning, too but I had to decline the day before 'cause my school boy soldier came home around lunch. The house has this sad vibe already even before the petty fight. The weather helped trigger the crappy mood as well. Come dinner time, while washing the dishes and we were steady (not fighting and ignoring each other anymore), my man blurted out his plan. He said he wants to watch Captain America The Winter Soldier (CATWS) that night. I still felt a bit meh but I agreed. I'd like, okay, love haha to see the movie so I didn't make pakipot na. The last movie we've seen together as a couple was Thor and it was in 2011 pa!


We brought our little girl to MIL and drove as fast as we can for the last full show (LFS). While he was driving, I was searching the net for available schedules for CATWS. We originally planned to watch the movie in Trinoma since I have Ayala Mall Cinema tickets. But since it'll take us around 30-40 minutes to reach the place, we didn't take the risk to go there. The nearest mall to us is SM Marikina. Upon checking SM Cinema's website, I've learned that their LFS started 9:40pm. We were on the road 10pmish. Demet. So we went to Eastwood Cinema instead. We walked, again as fast as we can, to reach the cinema house. Bad news. No comfortable seats available. The other cinema house was full. I was beginning to lose hope. Oh no, my husband, the real Captain I love, took that as a challenge. We went back to the car and while he was driving, I searched for whatever mall nearby that has the schedule we were aiming for. Guess what? SM City North had it! OMG, right? It's near Trinoma and it's SM. Grabe.

Saying that we were very excited is an understatement. We felt so relieved to learn that there was an 11:15 showing. We arrived 11:14. Hahaha! We were trying our best to boost each other's morale by making ourselves believe that there will be a 10-minute trailer. We parked at the annex since the main mall's parking area was already closed. I don't know why the gods were so against our movie date but CATWS was being shown at SM Cinema THE BLOCK! It was so freaking far from where we parked! Oh well, we still went anyway.

We walked, sprinted each block, ran, walked again and got lost until we arrived at what was heaven that time: CINEMA 2. We didn't get to buy any food, just bought water for a panting couple that was us. When we were finally seated, the hijacking scene was on the screen. Can somebody tell me what happened before that? 


My Cpt R and I truly enjoyed the film.We laughed, were awed, I cried (or did he, too and I just didn't see that?) and we were cozy like it was our first time to go on a movie date. My hunch on who the Winter Soldier is was right! And as what la jowabelle told me, watch out for Stan Lee's (Marvel genius) cameo role. Fyi, he has appeared in all Marvel movies. We also did not forget that it's a Marvel movie trend to wait for a post-credits trailer. You are not a real Marvel movie fan if you don't know about that! When it finished and we can finally go home and become parents again, the car-hunting was the toughest. We didn't know where we parked and it was so dark outside. Hehe. It left us to extreme starvation. We felt like we lost 10 pounds that evening so we rewarded ourselves with lots of MSG-filled food and went to Tapsi ni Vivian. I ordered beef mami and lumpiang gulay. He ate rice and fish kilawin. We shared the super yummers crispy hipon. Our tummies and hearts were full of food and love.

It was a movie date like no other. I hope we can do it more often. I encourage couples to do it regularly. And make sure it's done with a twist. No, not the twist that we just had. That was crazy! Well, we're both crazy and that makes us click. 

So, what was the last movie you've seen with your husband? Care to share? ♡

*photo source: Pickynerd

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  1. nakakaloka ang mall hopping adventure! last movie date with hubby was Winter Soldier too. it was a grocery run, really, na siningitan ng movie date, he he. and we ended up at SM North too because the cinemas in Trinoma where we usually watch were full to the brim. pleasant discovery in the newly refurbished SM cinemas - the first few rows had lazy boy seats! comfortable but not too date-friendly since you can't hold hands with your date or grip their hand/arm really hard when something tense is happening, he he.

    and oh, the opening sequence was the Captain doing early morning runs in DC--yes, right there in the shadow of the Washington Monument and the Capitol, how American can you be--and running circles around an otherwise-fit-but-hopelessly-panting-compared-to-Captain-America dude, who would later turn out to be the Falcon :)