20 April 2014

They Deserve My Time

I didn't blog for six days for nothing. It's not like I was in an 'emotional break' like I used to, I was actually high in happiness. And no, thankfully, I have not lost my blogging mojo, yet. I simply wanted to devote a large amount of my time for and with some important people of my life. When I took Gary Chapman's Love Language Test, it resulted that my love language is Quality Time. According to 5lovelanguages.com, this language is all about giving the other person your undivided attention. Sure - I browse Facebook, check e-mails and post on Instagram, but I always do my best not to let my social media life eat me. I resist the temptation of taking photos of each and every waking hour with my husband and daughter and eventually post it on Instagram. I decided to savor the quality of the moment than stare at a shallow quantity in my social media platforms.

Oh well! You'll see updates one after another this week since I know this'll be a busy one! I have a few blogging events to attend to so I guess I'd be breaking that 'preachy' statement I made. *wink*

The main reason why I did some 'art of unblogging' that started on Tuesday was because of my husband's Lenten break. He came home and was ours since then until earlier today. We went to Trinoma in Quezon City and used our free cinema tickets that I got from one of the media events I went to and watched Rio 2. We all had a blast! We, my husband and I, unanimously thought that it's better than its prequel. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you to please do. So many LOL moments, really. Especially those turtles doing Capoeira moves. Oops, sorry for that little spoiler there. 

Anyway, it was a night of free gift certificates. You see, we're not big on making trips to malls and we don't shop 'till we drop because we can't. Hehe. So I'm glad that one of the brands that held a bloggers event last week gave us Teriyaki Boy GC. We had Japanese food for dinner. R loved it! He ordered sushi, just forgot what it's called and we wolfed down our own trays of bento. I shared mine with Sophia since it's too much for me. I think I know where I'll date him again when he's done with his military schooling. Yep, wives date their husbands out. It's not the other way around all the time, you know. After all, I have his salary. Right? Heehee.

The royal kitchen was moderately busy. I did not cook too sinfully delicious dishes (aka fattening) since he's cutting on carbs and fats. But I still cooked; well, the same old viands my family loves. Good thing MIL gave us a jar of sweetened jackfruit, the fruit's from her front yard. Yup, organic and healthy and yummy. So I topped it on ice shavings with the equally delish caramelized bananas.

We also had movie nights here at home and watched On the Job, Thor: The Dark World, Tuhog and Jack the Giant Slayer. So it's inevitable that my princess, despite liking princesses and pinks and everything pretty, will watch something like a Spiderman cartoon. Go, girl!

Our long weekend may not be as thrilling as going out on a beach vacay out of town or having a staycation on a luxe hotel but it's not less fun. After all, it's time well spent with the people who deserve it. ♡

How did your Lenten break go?

P.S. All photos were taken using my Samsung S3 Mini; hence, the blur. 


  1. True. Social media is a time thief. My Lenten break was not as busy as yours. Internet broke down, malls are closed and well, nothing to do but snuggle around with the kids. We had tons of classic movies piled up for movie marathon. From Breakfast at Tiffany's of Audrey Hepburn to Pretty Woman with the charming Richard Gere, we watched 'em all. We cooked up a little something that was both yum and inexpensive for snack time and let the kids enjoy the too-small-for-their-age inflatable pool. Oh, the hammock we set up was rather relaxing. :D I missed your blog. Isn't it obvious?

    1. Those simple things we do at home with our family are the most delightful, in my opinion. I miss you, too Cams! ♥