20 April 2014

We love David's Salon in Marikina!

When Pia had her first haircut done in a salon, I was so disappointed! The salon's airconditioner wasn't working well, the staff weren't accommodating and my girl's haircut looked awful. So when my husband and I tried out David's Salon and realized how good they were, we went back and this time, as a family.

I had my first trim done by Vilma, their Senior Hairstylist, and she was the one I looked for again. Her rate is different from the other stylists but I think it has something to do with her skills and how good she is. What I like about David's Salon is that each stylist has an assigned assistant who would shampoo and blow dry your hair. They even give their customers a relaxing back massage while waiting for the stylist assigned to them. So the longer you wait, the longer you get a massage. That's what happened to my husband last Saturday and he was not complaining, of course. He loves massages!

His hairstylist was Anna, she may have a less expensive rate among the four senior hairstylists but she's equally good. The reason why my soldier went to a salon and not a barber shop is because of the "after-haircut effect". You see, some barbers tend to "over-shave" that once the hair grows back, the sides look very "birdy". As in, like a nest. And when boys sweat, they look like a basang sisiw. So, soldiers ― to the salon!

Pia had her hair trimmed, too 'cause she looks really thin with her 'do recently. And she doesn't like donning a ponytail, she prefers wearing hairbands so I opt to have it chopped shoulder-length. Since her fringe is in an awkward stage already (too short to tuck behind the ears and too long to let it be), I told Jon, her hairstylist, to cut it to full bangs. My little girl didn't like it! Haha! She keeps on putting it on the side. Oh well. Maybe I need to convince her more. But she looks cute naman 'di ba? 

When we arrived, the four senior hairstylists had a long queue of customers waiting to be pampered but it didn't discourage us since we know that they're very systematic. The assistants also made sure that each customer has the recent issues of glossies and they're comfortably seated. The guard on duty is also commendable ha! He opened the car's door for us when we left and he did it happily. Hindi mukhang napipilitan lang. David's Salon may be a chain salon and can be nothing compared to high end salons you will read from other blogs but it gives you quality service that is worth the money you paid for. Love my simple hairstyle, it takes away a bit of the dugyotness my pimples brought. Haha! Methinks though it needs new hair color. So the verdict? I royally give David's Salon in Marikina 4 out of 5 crowns! *clapclapclap* ♔♔♔♔
Btw, these are the hairstylists' rates:
Vilma - Php220
Anna - Php175
Jon - Php175
David's Salon Concepcion is located at Garcia Bldg. Bayan-Bayanan cor. Bogallion Concepcion, Marikina City. You may set your appointment or inquire at this number: 948-4592. To see the complete list of branches, click here. Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Davids.Salon


  1. Adrianne's first major haircut was done in David's salon and I like the mani pedi service there too.

  2. i havent tried david's kasi whenever i heard it para kasing pang artista lang hahaha feeling ko mahal. pero since you posted the rates i had idea na can afford din pla :D thanks muther!

  3. I'm so happy I'll have a little girl to go to the salons with!!! :) Just like my mom, sisters, and I! Love your little girl's haircut!!! :)

  4. Magaling yan c ms.anna jan mag rebond..sna may discount sila ulit ngaun..planning to rebond may hair..nag lasts sya ng 3 yrs..