27 April 2014

Blissmakers Tea Time at La Creperie, New Manila

I used to complain a lot about how things happened in my life. I used to rant almost every day in social media. I used to allow negative people to completely affect me. I used to block blessings because I was a bitch like that. All these had changed when I decided to make my real and royal life blissful. 

Truth to be told, this interesting journey I am currently traveling on is not about sparkle, luxe and glam as how a real royalty actually lives it. It's more about a mountain of laundry, dirty kitchen, endless demands of a preschool diva and *sigh* a tight budget. But I'd rather not talk too much about that here 'cause you know, the more I pay attention to something that drains my energy, the more I get tired, of course! Please don't think I'm high and mighty because I don't let problems swallow me whole. It honestly didn't occur naturally. I'm lucky to be surrounded with people who care more about goodness than anything else. I'm lucky that through blogging, I became braver but kinder; I became fiercer but friendlier. And a bunch of queens guided me to that royal road to happiness.

I apologize if I may sound redundant. But I'm super thanking Martine for this. You know her, right? I wrote about her, her bliss and her effects here, hereherehere and here. It's not obvious that I'm a fan noh? In my point of view, I am an avid reader, loyal comment supporter and active sharer. But for her, I'm a friend. That's what I love most about being her reader. I never felt she has changed from when she was still the Dainty Mom (DM) until now that she chose to Make it Blissful (MiB). 

The Tres Pariesiennes: Because all our names are of French origin. ✿
Martine de Luna rebranded DM to MiB to be able to reach more women. I am not that good in telling her story but if you wish to read her reasons why, click here. But finish reading this first ha? Hihi. Anyway, she scheduled a photo shoot for all the Manila-based contributors of MiB that she collectively calls as the #blissmakers one beautiful Sunday afternoon. I'm so glad I am a part of it! Some of my bloggy friends told me that "iba na ang level mo" but no, I'm still the queenly jologs beki-mom that you first knew. Want a proof? THIS.

Shutter Panda Photography made this titillating photo still blissful! LOL!
Whaaaat, right?! Hahaha!

Shamelessly laughing at myself now, I remember that Martine told me [in our contributors Facebook group] to make this my Facebook profile pic. I said I'm too shy but then I realized, hey it's not so bad! It was wonderfully photographed by the talented Mary Anne Collantes of Shutter Panda Photography and was taken at the calm location that is La Creperie in New Manila so I have to be proud of it. I might look wild and FHM-worthy (cringing now haha) in that daring pose but I romantically had a moment with my Strawberry and Mango Jubilee and Vanilla Bourbon Tea (thanks, Rhiz for sharing your tea with me). Yum!

It was also the perfect time to meet the wonderful ladies behind the blogs I read. Yes, selfies left and right. And some behind-the-scene photos of what transpired during the blissful meet-up. Even our chit-chats are purposeful and meaningful. Oh, the joy to be a member of what seemed to be an elite sorority in college! I'm a lucky girl. 

Martine will officially introduce us to the public in the contributors' page of the website (where you'll see my "civilized' photo) but you may read this preview article posted in Make it Blissful: Sneak Peek at the Blissmakers Pictorial. Click these linkies of my fellow queens below and see why we all came together to "believe that no matter your situation, difficulties, struggles and trials as a woman, you can experience happiness and joy, just by finding the good in the seemingly bad or imperfect."

Manila Contributors

Maricel Mendoza of A Sweet Cottage (DIY & handmade “arti-crafts”)

Ginger Arboleda of Mommy Ginger (Mompreneurship)

Mariel Uyquiengco of The Learning Basket (Homeschooling)

Tina Rodriguez of Truly Rich Mom (Faith & Family)

Denise Rayala of Bebengisms (Homemaking & Lifestyle) --- daz me!!!

Marilen Faustino-Montenegro of Marilen.ph (Home & Interiors)

Toni Tiu of Wifely Steps (Marriage, Motherhood & beyond)

Vanessa Salas of Shed, Mom (Minimalist living)

Louise Fandino of Mommy Practicality (Motherhood & Lifestyle)

Rhiza Sanchez-Oyos of Chasing Dreams (Faith & Photographs)

Martine de Luna of Make It Blissful (Meaningful Living)

International Contributors from the U.S., Singapore, Germany and Bangkok:

Ruth Wong of The Momme Circle (Singapore)

Mia Y. Marchadesch-Jaranilla of MiaYMarch.com (Bangkok, Thailand}

Cheryl Goodman of Not Just Yum (Healthy Living) (Seattle, WA, U.S.A)

The DiploWife of The Diplomatic Wife (Expat Living, Design, Travel) (Berlin, Germany)

Photo courtesy of Maricel Mendoza
Left to right: (seated) Tina, Marilen, Van, Toni, Louise, Rhiza; (standing) Me, Martine, Maricel, Ginger and Mariel
Thank you Martine and La Creperie for making this tea time possible! Here's to blissful blogging and beyond ― cheers! ♡♡♡

P.S. Sorry. My photos are grainy, used my phone, forgot to bring my camera! :(
~ ♔~

La Creperie's branches:
403 F. Calderon St.,Bgy. Little Baguio - San Juan
Eastwood Mall- Quezon City
Shangri-la Mall - Mandaluyong
Robinsons Galleria Veranda- Ortigas

Get in touch with them:
Phone: (02) 570-1788
Email: LaCreperiePH@gmail.com


  1. Nice post Denise! And titillating photo! Love love you! Let's have coffee then cocktails soooon! Hahaha! :-D

    1. Love yah, too my twinnie! After all these domestic kaguluhans, we will and should have time to make chika over coffee and/or cocktails. ♥

  2. What a great project! Wishing you lots of luck! Great photos btw. :)

  3. Uyyyy love the sexy photo. BONGANGBELLE!
    The place looks BONGGA too, ma bisita nga

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  5. Love the photos! And the surprise photo! :) It must have really been a pleasant afternoon. :)

    Mars M.

  6. Naloka ako sa titillating photo mo muther hehehe. Ure sooo bongga! <3

  7. ayos ang titillating photo!! umaangle din :D

  8. Great post, Denise! And I loved watching you do THAT pose :)

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