26 April 2014

Life Goes On

So we lost our pet named Pepper.

I may look okay outside (though the huge pimples on my face are quite an evidence on how stressed I am lately), in truth, I'm totally crushed inside. I was doing two baskets full of laundry yesterday and whenever I'd glance at where our pup's cage used to be, I can feel a strong tug in my heart. I can't do anything with it anymore but to let out a heavy sigh. The Barangay Police did not respond to my complain. My co-pet parent, R, did his best to find our furbaby (in his very James Bond way) despite his busyness in military school. Sophia fervently prayed, and continues to do, that Pepper will come back. Unfortunately, all to no avail. 

I finally felt that I need to do what I should do. And that is to let go, get over it and move on. After all, life goes on.

Losing Pepper is not the end of our royal bliss. Surprisingly, it paved way for us to start a new beginning. My husband and I mutually decided to move out of our current apartment. Through mommy connections, I found this old but classic bungalow nearby. I'm still hoping though that R will like it so I can go ahead with my numerous of tasks as the house manager. You know, I'm gonna practice my being the greatest mother packer of all time again! And oh, the cleaning of the bathrooms? That will surely take half a day. There are three T&Bs, my goodness! Moving in may be tiring but it always gives me that certain hype. Perhaps, because it's a sign of a fresh start. It's like a reboot of sorts.

Checking our closet that looks like a defeated camp in a battlefield, I realized that moving in will give me a chance to finally upgrade my and my husband's wardrobe. I guess a lot of our old clothes will definitely go to the charity box. Sophia's playroom is a big work, too. I need to get her involved in which toy she wants to keep. Methinks she has too much! The vintage Barbie playsets, Jessie of Toy Story that her Ninang from the US gave and her My Little Pony figures have a sure royal spot in the pink toy box. But I'm thinking of selling all the collectibles she got from McDonald's Happy Meal. There might be people who lack what we have. Convincing the lately-grumpy girl will surely challenge me but I'll negotiate by telling her that all sales will go to a brand new badass toy! Sounds like a fair deal, right?

See, it's all about having a positive perspective. Like what I told my husband earlier, I don't consider all of these a problem - just a test of character. If we are who we used to be, we should have fought about this and eventually ruin our marriage. But instead, we found ourselves appreciating and loving each other more. The little one, although she cannot contribute some brain cells yet, has actually helped us get through this by showing us her breathtaking innocence. She is as excited as I was when I showed her a photo of her possible playroom in the old bungalow/new home. She misses Pepper big time; has attacks of "I miss Pepper, 'Nay" like four times a day, but she's better in moving on than me.

No dog can ever replace my dear pawretty Pepper and I told R that I don't want to have a new pet yet. But I'm happy to report to you, my dear royalties, that I believe in what Robert Frost said (whoever he is), "In three words, I can sum up everything I've learned about life: IT GOES ON."

And sharing with you this song I've been singing while mastering the art of letting go doing the laundry earlier... Sing along.

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  1. So sorry about your dog! :( Sad when I saw your post on Instagram, parang biglaan kasi! :(

    But congratulations on your new kingdom! Exciting!!! :)