06 April 2012

Bebeng Goes to Market

Armed with my 3-year-old bayong & a purse from Davao
When I was a kid, my mom used to tag me along with her during her weekly wet market trip. We went to Nepa Q-Mart in Quezon City. I remember one time that she didn't, because she said I have the tendency to be "bilmoko" (short for BILI MO KO), a Pinoy pun for one who wants anything seen bought for her. I cried with my monologue "Mama, sama mo 'ko!" And when I realized she's not at home and left already, I just cut my bangs really short. Rebellious act, indeed. She didn't scold me though when she got home but after that incident, I can't find the scissors when I was doing a project for school! Well, this isn't about how I was as a kid, but how I started my love for shopping, wet market included.

As a working mom (and regular employee), it's a privilege to have five days of vacation. As an army wife, it's a luck to have the soldier husband home. So I made sure no time will be put to waste. I thought of food to prepare that will make his homecoming all worth it. That means, I shall not put food served in the camp in my list. Except for the paksiw na bangus that he requested. He told me what the mess sergeant made them eat one dinner in the camp, a paksiw na bangus very much similar to Oracare, "walang sting walang lasa." Haha!

Market Mall, yeah!

Though it wasn't a task for me to cook since I am gifted with kitchen skills, I still carefully planned for it. I won't be serving him something fancy straight from glossy food magazines or as expected to be seen in blogs, but something I know he likes most eaten at home and have tailor-fit to the weather. Yes, no hot soup. And no, we're not to avoid pork for the lent. Here's what I got.

Going home was the toughest part in this adventure. I am a certified commuter - sticky hair and polluted nostrils. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it 'cause I'm doing it for the people I love. And yeah, the haggling, too.


  1. What kid isn't a bilmoko? Lahat nman ata tyo dumaan sa phase na yan... ;)

    Like your market adventure. :)

    1. Hey Peachy! Thanks! I go to a small market near our house almost everyday but I miss this big one. Might do it again this coming vacation. Isasama ko si LB. :)