23 April 2012

I Will Be Mrs. Matilda Mouseling

Now that my daughter's soon be turning four, her being in school is the family's top priority, and one of the many things that causes me sleepless nights. Not that I don't want to spend much but I'm still unsure if my little popstar is ready. So to test, I enrolled her in a once-a-week session of ballet class in Primemont Science School, just-a-trike-away from our place. I haven't read reviews over the net from other moms about it but seeing from the photos in their Facebook page, I think it's a good school. What my worry is if their curriculum would match my little girl's attitude. You see, she's a mini-me, somewhat hard to handle, but generally sweet.

Adamant as to where to buy ballet paraphernalia, I posted in FB asking my friends about it but to no avail. Getting hopeless and scared that I might not be able to buy come my daughter's first ballet session, I texted my mom. I asked where she used to buy us ballet shoes when we used to dance for church. She said it was in COD, a department store in Cubao, Quezon City which is now unfortunately closed. Another she mentioned was Yvonne's, which can be see seen in SM Department Stores nationwide.

You can check their Facebook page here
Trusting her faithfully, that's where Sophia and I went to yesterday. Some sales ladies made me a bit annoyed but that did not stop me for looking for Yvonne's. Lo and behold! They have all what we need - leotards, tights, wrap-around skirts and even dancing shoes! All comes in different colors: black, nude, navy blue and well, PINK. My own Angelina Ballerina won't be complete without pink leotard and pink dancing shoes. ♥

I will be posting soon about her first day at her ballet class on the 28th. As a working mom, having a preschooler isn't an easy feat. I have to file a leave and instruct the nanny on what to prepare prior the d-day. Nevertheless, I'm super excited about this new experience for both of us.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning us po! It's quite fascinating to know that one of our Primemont Mommies is also a blogger. We hope that your little Angelina Ballerina will have an awesome first day in the ballet workshop. Teacher Rezy, who is a member of the UP Dance Company, is wonderful to little girls :) We hope to read about her first ballet lesson here too! God bless you po.