19 April 2012

Are You a Cookie Monster?

A staple in my food budget.
Left: Oreo's Copycat, perfect to pair with a glass of milk
Right: My Daughter's Favorite, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ever since my daughter started eating solids, cookies and biscuits have been a steady resident of our fridge. We stock up on the traditional and culturally-famous Marie. And since then tried out other variants such as animal-shaped biscuits, graham crackers, and even iced gem. But nothing beats the classic chocolate chip cookies. My husband loves monster-izing on it, too, after having a hearty lunch or heavy dinner. As the budget manager of the family, we need to cut down on some expenses as we already have a preschooler (she'll be taking ballet classes this summer!). Yes, including food. So instead of buying Chips Ahoy or Chips Delight, we buy the "rejected-but-still-great" version. The vendor said that they got it from a dealer who has a connection with a biscuit factory in Laguna.

The Cookie Store in Anonas St., Quezon City

Whenever I ride a PUJ home and that my daughter would ask for a pasalubong, this is what I buy. One pack with 48 cookies costs Php70.00 only! Isn't that a great deal? My daughter has enough for 3 days, that is if her yaya will not join her for merienda.

If we have extra money & we have been influenced by its TVC, we still buy this though.
And this. Mmm. Makes me feel hungry.
I particularly like its sweet & salty taste.
There's one biscuit that is not of any relation to any chocolate-y variant that my daughter & I really like, it's Monde's One-One.
It has a sweet & salty flavor that just matched to its crackling sound when you take a bite. I think it's similar to the Japanese rice cookie. (I didn't do a research, I know)

These cookies and biscuits are a staple in any working mom's grocery list, especially if you have a growing child who opens the refrigerator and bangs it hard when she sees nothing but water. Next time you know, she's wailing loud & crazy to her yaya and will ask for milk instead. What a pitiful sight. So stock up on this than regret.


  1. We love biscuits too;) oreo and chips ahoy are my son's favorite. The biscuits are a little bit pricey though compared to the usuals that we had like skyflakes and marie biscuits or fita. I hope there are also vendors who sell here at a lower price pero wala;( so magtiis sa mahal hehe

  2. I know this place, that's beside St. Joseph in Anonas. We also buy cookies there plus the cookie covered with marshmallow and chocolate.

  3. I didn't like One-One. I prefer sweet rice cookies from South Korea.

  4. Our girls love cookies a lot but I wish I can let them taste the infamous marie biscuit we have in the Philippines :-) I grew up with it too :-)

  5. We tried not to buy cookies and chocolates unless given to us. My son have cavities so we tried to limit his sweets...

  6. not really but my kids are. I had to occasionally give them though because i don't want them to eat too much sweets

  7. My daughter also love biscuits,especially chocolate cookies.This is included in my list,whenever I go to the grocery store.

  8. my husband is known as the cookie monster! lol...

  9. My kids love to munch the cookie especially Oreo, that is their favorite :-)

  10. haha! Yea we are cookie monster too! We love Oreo cookies dip it in milk! Yum

  11. as long as it's nutty cookies, i'll buy it...anything nutty, hehe.