10 April 2012

It's Over & Done: Update to Does My Dress Look Sexual to You

I was shaking, hands so cold & what, actually felt like a beautiful princess in distress saved by a knight in shining armor. Husband came at the office today to have lunch with us. It was his plan to "talk" to the harasser because there were no apologies offered. I will not elaborate on how husband talked to him. Say, my colleagues were in shock to see that my soft-spoken-seemingly-timid husband isn't what they think he is. I am not bragging or whatever, but as a wife of a man like him, I felt that my womanhood has been given justice. I know that some of you will say that I should have let this handled by an administration conference, but I like it more this way. This event made me realize that the man I married was really the one for me. Like what I have put in our little wedding souvenir, "MATCH KAMI!"

Our little souvenir 10 Dec 10

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