13 April 2012

I ♥ Hello Kitty

I gasped & giggled like a 10-year-old when I saw the Downy Innocence Hello Kitty Limited Edition TVC. My love for anything Hello Kitty started when I was in 5th Grade. Yes, a lot of first encounters happened during that time. Maybe because I was transferred from a private Christian Academy in Quezon City to a public school in a semi-suburbs part of Marikina City. Oh dear, I knew that I did some sort of reflection at age 10. So much soul, isn't it? It slightly contributed to my being a drama queen and makes my daughter a drama princess.
Downy Innocence Hello Kitty Limited Edition
atop my grocery basics

Well, one of the female ministers at the church my family was attending gave me a Hello Kitty pen and stationery (Yes, yes! That fragrant post-it-sized sheets of colorful paper with curvy edges.) for Christmas. And it became one of my precious finds. You see, when my father died when I was eight, my mom had to fend for the four us, and all four us were going to school. So it was really a tough time, and buying a stationery for my sanity as a tweener was not even in the least of list of priority. Whenever someone will gift me for special occasions, I think they saw in my eyes that I was pleading for anything KT. That's how it started. And to see a fabric conditioner with that cute kitten, shucks, glory days of mommyhood!

This might cause war. 

It took me a long time to buy one because the supermarket I often go to doesn't have one in stock. So when I went to Save More Supermarket in Riverbanks Mall in Marikina City to do an after-Lent grocery shopping, I saw it at the top shelf, almost dusty. I felt bad I wanna adopt (oh, buy!) all of them. Haha! I got one and felt my eyes twinkled in delight. I kept the freebie even before I reached home. The little Hello Kitty fanatic might have welcomed me with never-ending-whining and buckets of tears if I have let her see it.

My Office Buddies

I know this sounds sick for some, but when I had my daughter in 2008, I really made sure she has Hello Kitty Baby stuffs. And now that she'll soon be going to school, the husband reminded me that her bag and lunch kit should have the face of the royalty kitten. I heard the purring in the background. Hee-hee.

I remembered telling the husband that one of my many material dreams is to have our little daughter's 18th birthday spent in Tokyo, Japan, where Hello Kitty was originally produced in 1974. Kittyfied facts can be read here. I really hope we can go there, daughter's 18th birthday or not. ♥

Hello Kitty cold-cuts for shabu-shabu.
This can be bought in Rustan's Supermarket in Gateway Mall
I didn't buy though. I might try it next time.

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